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DMaster Scriptwright

i guess im 1st here...
looking forward this group development !

antonio 1972 User

zijn er meer nederlanders hier,.of alleen engelsen hier ?

antonio 1972 User

Dutch are there more here, .of only english here?

pioul Scriptwright

no, theres also french ppl ;) but agree that we all have to speak english

pioul Scriptwright

and fuck bugs on userscripts.org, i cant add my script to this group cuz "the page cant be found" kk ...

b-boy User

tell me plz exist a script wich help your spies to spie the troops wich are away from the enemy cityy...........?
excusemoi for my english.........:D

Booboo Scriptwright

Hi there! :)

Booboo Scriptwright



No, a script can't do such things.

Arandia Scriptwright

Hmm... guess I haven't been paying attention, just noticed the groups feature. :P

Anyways... hello everyone. English only for me...