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By iampete Last update Dec 19, 2009 — Installed 202,468 times.

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mattski User

Was working great but has suddenly stopped working correctly. I think rapidshare must have changed the page code. The symptom is that when we finish the countdown ("93 seconds remaining" or whatever) and the big Download button appears, instead of "pressing" the Download button when the script reaches the end of its own countdown, it re-enters the URL and causes RapidShare to start the countdown again.

tata64 User

@mattski, same situation here. It stopped working since last night. Actually, it didn't function as you described after I upgraded Firefox to the new version (3.5.2). Uninstalling FF 3.5.2 and installing 3.0.x didn't fix the problem. I hope the solution comes soon. Best regards.

iampete Script's Author

hang on, i will have a look at what has changed.. keep posted..

EDIT.. they definitely changed the rapidshare page, so i will have to review the process. this might be just a simple tweak, so it should be ready by tomorrow.. don't worry, i am using this script to download from rapidshare, so it is in my own interest to repair it;-)

iampete Script's Author

Hi fellows.. the script should be fixed now, please reinstall. Rapidshare have apparently noticed, that lots of people have been using this script (or probably one of scripts like this one).

By the way, thank you for your support, I have never expected 60 thousand people to download my script;-) thanks.

tata64 User

Thanks to you Pete. It works great again :)

Best regards.

mattski User

Supercool - thanks for fixing this so fast. Those sneaky rapidshare folks! It's almost as if they didn't want us doing this!! :)

H53 User

Thanks pete.

But now those big fucking blue ads are back :(

btw it would be nice to add script modify date in source header :)

and check this...lol


her34 User

please add a version number inside the script for easier tracking

iampete Script's Author

@H53: i'm thinking about making a separate script for hiding the ads (or maybe implement it as a greasemonkey config value), because it doesn't have much to do with automatic downloading;-) keep posted

yeah, i've seen that other script ;-) well.. that's open source;-) i also found (possibly a modification) of my script working as a bookmarklet, which was pretty cool, actually..

good point with the version number and last modify date, thank you

pigcd User

is it possible to add code to select server we prefered?
because some server download speed is slow like 5k/s and some server can download 100+k/s..

marrr Scriptwright

Very useful script, Pete. Thanks for your work.

Someone asked before, but I want to amplify the issue.
You have to wait between downloads. As many people are assigned dynamic IPs,
they just have to reconnect, to bypass the waiting time.

As for my constellation, I just request a webpage on my router (as in GM_xmlhttpRequest) for a new IP.
I think it would be useful when your script could issue a GET or POST request (as many routers support it), when it sees the "please wait 15min" message (and, optional, no other downloads from other hosters are running).

Of course the router should not be spammed. ;)

ramaflore User

I don't really understand the need of your script. The only thing it's doing is autowait for 60 sec. until the limited waiting by rapidshare is aimed. I can tell you that once the file was ready to download after 15 minutes (=15x60 sec), I had to wait again for an extra 60 sec. Instead of waiting for 15 minutes, I was waiting for 16 minutes !!

iampete Script's Author

ramaflore: ok.. then don't use it;-) the point of my script is to be able to run unattended.. if you do something else during those 15 minutes, it's likely you will forget. without this script, you'd have to set up an alarm clock. with this script you don't even have to be at home while all the files are being downloaded.

greasyreg User

Hi iampete, this is a terrific script! I've been using it for a few weeks trouble-free but for the lat few days, this is what has been happening: when counting down to attempt a download while another file is downloading, in about 50% of cases the countdown goes through a few cycles, then stops - the page doesn't reload after reaching 0 seconds. When this happens, the file I wanted to download appears in my download folder with a size of 0 bytes. Out of 20 tabs left open overnight, 9 resulted in empty files and frozen tabs (which worked when I reloaded them manually). I'm using XP SP3 and Firefox 3.0.13. Thanks a bunch for your help!

hashi Scriptwright

hi man thanks alot for the script!
I have a suggestion for the tab auto-close feature:
1. make it optional if you can
2. maybe you can bookmark the finished downloads (make it on the fav toolbar; maybe subfolder for each group or each day)
3. "failed" downloads can be bookmarked too..
again, thanks for your work

damba User

hey ultimate script...
bt i found one prb- if i open all links in tabs n leave it for downld, if 2 links get the download window and the countdown to dwnld strts the script shows success but actually only one dwnld has starts while the other is lost. the script doesnt follow this link latter...pls chk

spliffmaster User

hey thanks for your script, thats exactly what i needed.
something that bothers me a little bit though is that i can't see the countdown digit in my tabs. i can only see "countdow..." because i usually have so many tabs up. so changing it into "55 s Countdown" would be much appreciated.

iampete Script's Author

hashi: thanks for the suggestion of auto-close function, i'm going to look at it a little closer when i have time. as for the bookmarks.. unfortunately from what i've found out if i try to add a page to bookmarks from javascript, it will pop up a prompt for the user to confirm.. this is not a good solution for a "log" of failed and successfull download links. But i agree that kind of log about failed and successfull downloads can be handy, especially with the auto-close feature. I will try to figure out another place to save these links - ideas welcome..

GAZsandra User

It's not just you. Since this after noon, this script no longer works.

iampete Script's Author

allright.. let me look at that.. i hope i will have time tomorrow to fix it, please be patient, thanks.


Kodak User

Quick work-around: turning off ads hiding makes it work again (edit script and change
hideAd = true;
hideAd = false;
). At least it works for me them...

twsl User

thanks kodak, works for me too!

Lucumo User

Doesn't work with the german "version" of rapidshare.com. I changed some lines but the script just doesn't want to refresh the page.

Wanted to change the page to the US version but it seems to be impossible without a proxy.

parn User

Kodak's solution works for me too! rock on man

wyoung User

This works for me, and I don't need to do the "hideAd" workaround.

Find the following:

  document.body.childNodes[1].childNodes[3].style.display = "none"; // rapidshare logo
  document.body.childNodes[1].childNodes[1].style.display = "none"; // hauptmenue

Change to the following:

  document.body.childNodes[3].childNodes[3].style.display = "none"; // rapidshare logo
  document.body.childNodes[3].childNodes[1].style.display = "none"; // hauptmenue