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Jesse Andrews Admin

After reading DHH's latest post on Passenger and all the comments I decided it was worth a small test. Unfortunately after 20 minutes it was obvious that Passenger was a better solution than mongrels - unfortunate in that it has taken me this long to try it.

As I've vented before, I've been spending WAY too much time dealing with behind the scenes issues. The site is more popular than ever and I've been worried about deploying various fixes and features until the site was more stable. The site is averaging over 200K hits a day (and that isn't counting any of the robots or downloading of scripts/updaters/...). The site averages 1.5Mbps over a day (eg, 15 GB per day is transfered).

So, wow, I'm pumped. I can start dealing with the issues you guys bring up ;) and stop pulling my hair out dealing with very random breakages. Sorry for the lack of visible progress these last two weeks but I hope the site feels better to you performance wise as we move forward.

Avindra V.G. Scriptwright

I was reading the stats... do you guys know about the awesomeness of Google Calculator? here's an example.

jerone Scriptwright

People don't see the behind of the site, but that is even important as the layout (HCI).

jerone Scriptwright

Just noticed on that number of users is decreasing in the last 2 months. Can't be the downtimes, can it?!

Jesse Andrews Admin

Their stats seem to be really very lossy (they have downtime and missing data) so I removed them about 2 months ago :)

I've switched to quantcast which almost shows the same numbers as google analytics.