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By Arend v. Reinersdorff Last update Apr 26, 2012 — Installed 7,352 times.

Theme Consistency

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Tiffany Hahn User

Gmail recently added the option to change themes. Different themes have different settings. Sometimes the links are underlined, sometimes not. If you change "text-decoration:underline" to "text-decoration:none" it matches the new theme options better. Links are not underlined in most of the new themes. Maybe you could offer a second version of this script for people who are uncomfortable editing the scripts themselves? It is also noteworthy that, if you delete "text-decoration:underline" entirely, Gmail shows an error message and will not load. "underline" must be replaced with "none" if it is to work correctly. Just a thought! Great script. I appreciate it!

Arend v. Rei... Script's Author

Thanks for pointing this out.

Personally, I use the default theme. So I don't mind much if the underline doesn't fit in with some of the new themes.
Why don't you upload your changes as a new userscript? Maybe there are other Gmail-users who want to hide the spam count in the new themes.

If you find a way to make the underline appear only for the correct themes, please let me know. But I don't think this can be done with CSS.

Manu J Scriptwright

I wrote a drafts and spam count hiding script which works with new themes. The script was initially based on yours but has since become quite complex but it works. It works directly with DOM and does not use CSS