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shazen27 User

Posted this in the scripts forum as well. It's an issue with clicking on links:

When you mouse over a symbol on the ticker it pauses, it underlines it, and the mouse pointer changes but on mouse click nothing happens when it would be nice if it linked to that symbols yahoo finance page. Any way to have it link to the appropriate page on yahoo finance? Ex: Clicking on the symbol GOOG should take you to this link:


Maybe just put in "http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=" as the link and append the appropriate ticker symbol onto the end?

smk Script's Author

quite stupid error :p

shazen27 User

Linking works! Thanks!

Can you change it so the link launches in a new tab instead of the same window?

Also, anyway to enable scroll wheel clicking too?

smk Script's Author

Sorry, this has to do with the flash, I can't do anything about the html. You'd have to ask the guys at yahoo finance to change their flash to
getURL(blah blah,"_blank");

shazen27 User

aww shucks. Guess you can't get EVERYTHING you want huh? ;)
I'll just have to deal with it loading in the current window then for now.
I've put in a feature request to Yahoo! Finance to change their flash so that the links load in a new tab rather than in the same window.

Thanks for trying on this one!