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shazen27 User

When I'm in my yahoo mail page, the ticker loads twice. Once it loads at the top of the page overlapping a bunch of content. The second time it loads is at the bottom of an Advertisement (which I actually have come to prefer!)

Any ideas why it is 1) loading twice, or 2) why it isn't loading at the very bottom of the page?

smk Script's Author

I don't have a yahoo mail account, so I'm not for sure. I'll try to fix it

shazen27 User

Here is another example site where the bar is rendering twice:


It appears at the very bottom, and also it appears at the top of that blue box that is scrolling.

smk Script's Author

ahhh you meant iframes done :)

shazen27 User

The ticker loading in multiple iframes appears to have ceased as well! Thanks for the fix!