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Andrada6 User

To set the arrival time at troops?


A task to run WW fakes - with a kinda control panel.. or some instructions to enter the WW coords and type of unit to be sent.
And after all this just to press a button and fakes goes on all the WWs from one shot

polle1 User

Make it work whith this script

Amar_Singh User

Feature request Looping task

Hi can we have a feature of infinite task looping
If we assign a task and mark it in loop and specify the time period (time spaced by) then at the launching of that task that task will again get scheduled (like in the case of failed task) after the specified time.

Best Regards

LiuHu User

I would also love the looping, or to be able to make a longer queue/more than 60 odd tasks. Please, I would be so grateful!!

pomtpomt User


can u edit it agian?

becourse i can't work in thai sever now

thank you :)

G I Z M O User

I would be also very graceful for looping, especially in market scheduleing ;-)

congxz6688 Scriptwright

1,I need delete some records from the history list with the "X".most of the records are unuseful , the others are so useful.

2,The best feature of this script is auto-delay for the false tasks.I love it.

3,"set your race"can not work at all.
In different page ,the race value is different,so that all of scripts would be reloaded,even as Travian Beyand. So, this script is inefficient.

4,The feature of Send Resource is not enough. What we need is sending all of the Resource from branch villages to main. No matter weather the resource is enough for the order, the transport must run but cancel.