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Mislav Marohnić Script's Author

Hello, Twitterers

I'm curious about what you want added to Endless Tweets. What do you think would be a useful addition when using Twitter.com?

My ideas:

* Inline reply form when clicking on the "reply" icon -- easier replies;
* Tab-completion for @-replies in the top form;
* Tweaking the layout to make the right-hand sidebar auto-hideable so you can have a narrower window.

Teh_Chris User

The Delete And star buttons dont work when im down alot. please fix? thank you

Mislav Marohnić Script's Author

Hey Chris,

Yeah that was bugging me a lot. Unfortunately it wasn't trivial to fix. Update coming soon!

Bruce Wang User

Would you mind adding https://twitter.com/* to the include list?

So I don't need to add it manually after every upgrades :P

Mislav Marohnić Script's Author

It didn't occur to me that it was necessary. But sure, in the next upgrade you won't have to manually edit the script ;)

Mislav Marohnić Script's Author

The v0.9 release brings inline reply forms and tab-completion for friends' usernames. Go test it out and report any bugs you might find (in a separate thread).

Keep those wishes coming!

PacoBell User

Could you please enable endless scrolling for search.twitter.com, too? Thanks! ^_^

Mislav Marohnić Script's Author

Search integration with Summizer is already in the works. I'm waiting to see what will Twitter do themselves, since they integrated search already, but opened it up only to a small number of users in private beta.

Jeton User

There seems to be a "conflict" with the Pagerization script http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/7623.

When I activate it, the next page that gets loaded, is messed up.

Here's a screenshot http://twitpic.com/1pa3e

Mislav Marohnić Script's Author

Very strange, I'll look into it ... but whatever the outcome, I suggest you disable Pagerization on twitter.com; it's just not up to par with my pagination which I was perfecting for months.

Jeton User

I totally agree with that.
Is there a way to disable it only for Twitter.com?

Nevermind, I forgot there was an exclude option for every script. :)

Thanks for the tip.

litel User

Endless friends and followers. So one does not have to go to pages over and over.

Ian Sealy User

Would it be possible to make it so that new tweets that are added via the API have target="_blank" set for their links, like tweets with external URLs usually do?

Fantastic script by the way.

Mislav Marohnić Script's Author

@litel: definitely coming.

@Ian: Endless Tweets tries to fit into Twitter's interface to the last detail. If twitter makes links open in a new window then ET will do so, too (although as a web developer I'm against this practice).

Coming soon!

Ian Sealy User

@Mislav Excellent. Obviously I agree that opening pages in new windows without warning should be generally avoided, but my reason for asking in this case is that I've got used to not having to press Ctrl+Shift when clicking on a link in a tweet and my muscle memory seems to be better than my normal memory. I keep clicking on a link in a new tweet and then having to go back to Twitter, at which point I've lost where I was.

One other feature request. Any plans to add expansion of shortened URLs? I currently use the script linked to from http://almaer.com/blog/endpoint-resolver-gettin... but it obviously doesn't get applied to new tweets added via the API.

Mislav Marohnić Script's Author

I was considering tinyurl expansion, but I'm not sure if it's worth the effort. I use Endless Tweets mostly in Fluid which has the feature of expanding the tiny URL in the right-click context menu.

Considering new tinyurl services pop up every week, I'm not sure I could keep up with supporting that many.

Ian Sealy User

Unfortunately Fluid isn't an option on my OS!

How about offloading the expansion to someone else? http://almaer.com/endpoint/twitter-resolveurl.u... uses a proxy and you could use the same one. That way he's the one who has to keep it up to date, not you. Although I reckon you could cover 90% of URLs with just a few services.

Anyway, as I say, great script. I'm no longer searching for a decent Twitter client that'll run on Linux.

Endoalir Scriptwright

I would like it to auto load tweets on the public time line as an option. In fact that is what I thought this script did when I installed it.

Darkimmortal Scriptwright

"A notifier that informs you of updates to this script (checks every 48 hours, available only in Mozilla due to browser same-domain policies)"

Not to state the obvious, but why not keep a twitter page updated with version numbers etc. and have it read from that? :P

Mislav Marohnić Script's Author

@Endoalir: the public timeline is quite fast. There are hundreds or thousands of tweets per second. How fast do you think Endless Tweets should be updating it?

@Darkimmortal: what do you mean exactly? I'd like to make a better solution that will be cross-browser.

Teh_Chris User

can you make this sort of thing for gmail? that would be so freaking awesomely awesome

Endoalir Scriptwright

@Mislav I suppose, fast enough to allow you to scan through the tweets on the page and see if there is anything interesting. Maybe once every 5 seconds. You ought to be able to stop it from refreshing too in case there is something interesting there. Also, If you refresh the list dynamically instead of having the whole page refresh, you could make it so you are able to go back if you suddenly became interested in something you just read.

Alan Choo-Kang User

OK, here is my wishlist :)
Automatic (or option for) URL shrinking (more useful than expansion)

Indentation of the "daughter" tweets when displaying inline "in reply tos" to make it more obvious which ones are the in reply tos (or maybe a different background colour)

?automatic multiple "in reply to" so you get a whole conversation with one click instead of having to click, click, click, click each tweet further down the chain. (in case there are very long chains maybe it displays up to 6, then another click for the rest etc.)

Option for inline display of twit pics, and embedded (linked) YouTube etc. (but make it optional, so you can switch it off)

Hope I'm not being too greedy

Mislav Marohnić Script's Author

Hey Alan,

You're not being too greedy; requests like these actually help me to focus better on the next features I'm rolling out ;)

I may put in more conversation features (like automatic "in reply to"), but in the meantime check out Nested replies Greasemonkey script. I heard it's quite popular.

Other things are something I'll definitely consider, but I don't think I'll have inline twitpics or videos. That would give too much focus to people who share pics/videos and too little to ones who only post textual updates (which Twitter is made for).

sheridan User

what feature would i really love to see? a filter like Tweetfilter but one that can filter followers as well as topics and tags
also along those lines this script and tweetfilter sometimes don't play well together IE one will work or the other will work but sometimes very rarely they'll work together perfectly. possibly this is twitter markup issues and not script issues but just so you know.
also during the twitter flood caused by M.J.'s death today this script stopped working all together to the point that the endlessscript id at the bottom disappeared