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Jesse Andrews Admin

I wonder if people would prefer wavatars... I could always make it a per-user setting, but it seems like that might confusing ...

khopesh Script's Author

I think the wavatars are preferable because they're more recognizable.

From an academic perspective, we have more ability to discern facial features than we do other patterns, which is why it's so easy for us to recognize what are really quite subtle differences in faces whereas we can't tell the difference between two sibling dogs (e.g.) unless we know them intimately or we are dog experts.

... I suppose that's a complicated way of saying that the wavatars seem to trigger that kind of built-in knowledge whereas the patterns just seem arbitrary.

A user setting to specify the default icon set (or URL) would be neat, just mark it as optional. Of course, if you're agreeing with my thinking, another approach would be to simply change it to wavatar (or monsterid) and see if anybody complains. You can respond to the complains with the per-user setting.