YouTube "Lights Out"

By Anmar Mansur Last update Jun 22, 2013 — Installed 130,239 times.

'Turn lights out' img over the video

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leopolly Scriptwright

at least for me, there was this problem that when i clicked on the icon, the whole page darkened out, including the player. just solved the problem by adding this line to the end of the script:
document.getElementById("watch-player-div").style.zIndex = "+1000";

sorry for my english..

vilebender Scriptwright

I have the same problem but for me works better adding these two lines at the end of the script:

document.getElementById("watch-player-div").style.position = "relative";
document.getElementById("watch-player-div").style.zIndex = "200";

My browser: FF 3.0.5 on Mac

More info about z-index and stacking divs: