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I have no plans to implement this, at least for the moment, as it requires a change to the timer functions (in fact an addition, as all the timers work in "+" way and your request would require additional timers to work in "-" way).

Thank you for your understanding.
ranallo10 User

@ms99 -- Well my idea is based on the current feature for "select scouts". Three common attack types are obvious: raid, clearing wave, and catapult wave, and each of those three represent different troop types to be involved. If I could simply click one button and it pre-fills some defined troop parameters (set through the settings or in a text box like scouts), it would save a few clicks and some typing. Not much, but it simplifies things a bit and removes some room for error when using multiple tabs for multi-wave attacks.

Currently, if I want to send 3 waves of catapults at the bare minimum to dual target (20) I would need to open a new tab, click in the catapults text box, type 2-0, click on the offensive unit that will accompany it, type, etc. With the predefined "send catapults" button I could instead set my value to 20, and it will remain that way until I change it, and I will always be one click away instead of one click and two button presses. Clearly the idea can be expanded so that perhaps the user chooses a check box for "supporting troops", fills a text box for their default troop quantity, then whenever they click "send catapults" the parameters are read and the troop quantities filled.

The others would work similarly, basically just pre-defined shortcuts with the flexibility of allowing the user to set the troop type and or quantity.

So I click "send catapults" and viola, I have 150 Imperians and 20 Catapults at the ready, so I can make only one more mouse click and the attack confirmation is ready.

As you can see from these ideas, I'm all about simplifying my amount of clicks when doing repetitive actions. :) But first things first, is this something you think others could benefit from?

One last thing, this idea could be kept extremely limited so that it's not exploited. Instead of a script determined role like "send catapults" it instead is ONE user defined attack type. This would allow for user customization but limit the ability for players to store page after page of attack types, as you described above.

LeventT User

One request from me if it is possible. It will be very useful, aspecially there are more than one shelter (sorry can not remember the right word right now while writing this message) and when there are different pillaging ratios for the races, if there is a small indicator(s maybe for different races' pillaging ratios) of the goods shelter on the floating village window or in the goods counter on the top of the main page.

srebrny User

hi ms99 =]
ive noticed that on the right your referring to a report site to be used
im using mostly
could you add this converter to your script


micahzc User

could you make it so it shows the return time of troops

gonenb User

not sure if its possible, but when under attack, and you know the exact time it takes for the enemy to reach your village, you can calculate based on that time, and the distance, and tribe type, the slowest possible enemy troop type.

is it possible to add this to the report? instead of ? for all types, you can calculate the slowest enemy type, and mark as ? this troop and all faster ones, and mark the rest as none.

Krakken User

Okay, I seem to suck at this, and I am sure I have overlooked something or whatever, but I can't seem to get this thing to work. I've got the script enabled and all, but it's just.. regular Travian. Any help for this newb?
Thanks alot.

dimuthu User

I don't know this has been mentioned before, I searched but found nothing regarding to this. I would like if the resource calculation is integrated with the rally point resources. (raided)

i.e. Lets If I need to upgrade crop land level to 10, I can see that I need 1000 more Iron, and that will be available in 2 hours. But when I'm raiding, I can achieve it more sooner than 2 hours. So the integration with rally point will give the exact hours.

Hope my clarification makes sense.

thanks for this great piece of work!

Adrice User

There use to be an older script mod for travian that would put information such as the building your building, the time remaining on the building etc. just below the village itself. Would it be possible to have an option to enable "Show information about buildings in progress and troop movements in village list" but have them actually displayed below each village without having to mouse over? That way you can see if something needs building etc. without having to mouse over every building.

Babak User

Is There Any way that i can run this script on opera ver.10 build 1750 ?

Yar User

I am sorry for my bad English.
1.Please, add near button "Send resources" in the list of villages, button "Send ALL resources".
Or make an option in "Travian Beyond Setup" that the button "Send resources" could work in both modes.

2.Make an option - to choose village by default where resources are sent(For example I usually send all resources to capital)
And add the button "Send ALL resources to Default village" in the list of villages.

Add option for both buttons - "Use them proportional or equal or 1 hours production"


nomadewolf User

I think that a functionality called 'Trade Sets' would be cool. This should allow users to save certain amounts of resources to send. I'll explain: like when we want to trade with other players, we can set different amounts of resources to trade and then all we need to do is to click in a button, it would be great if we had something similar but when we just want to send resources to some village...

Hans Blix User

Hi, I would like to see the lines (-) in the Troops tap withhin the village3.php changed to zeros (0), so I am able to use this view to parse my Troops without having to do it for every single village. From this: Free Image Hosting at

to this: (works flawless with, even with beyond enabled) Free Image Hosting at

Thanks a lot!

could you add again in market "send all"

@ngkor User

Hi ms99,

mostly i don't check my attack reports, i only check my rally point.
could you please add the Efficiency from attack reports to rally point (as in attached screen capture).
this will save much time to check those attack reports.

dutchmage User

Since i like to trade alot, and especially trading in my favour ( like 1 : 1.25 ect ect ) i would like to know if it is possible to see the total of outgoing resources.
You can see the incoming resources but not the outgoing.

also a extra option for trading could be handy :)

for example


so you can filter the offered goods in a lower precentage, higher percentage and equal percentage

is it possible to add this in the next version?

sorpigal User

In Travian 3.6, and as of now some 3.5 servers there is a "Gold Club" option which you can buy for 100 gold. Among the things it does is replace the "go twice" checkbox with a select box listing 1x, 2x and 3x, allowing you to go up to 3 times. This select box always defaults to 1X. I would like to TB to be able to pre-select 1X or 2X or 3X for me when I visit the page much like it does on send attack pages for reinf, raid, attack.

Incidentally, gold club also includes NPC assistant links which obsolete TBs NPC assistant links for gold club users. Not sure if this is interesting but if the NPC assistant feature is to remain you might want to change it to occupy the same space as the plus version (and to not add it if it exists).

Let me know if you need page state information for this (not everyone wants to spend 100 gold!)

ms99 Script's Author


Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, I do not play the game since July, 2008. I have been here for more than a year now to maintain the script of Victor Garcia (aka croc). By updating and/or implementing new features. I have no idea about the new features of the T3.6 version of Travian.

As stated in this thread ( I will be here for fixing the issues you have while using the current version of the TB3 script until the T3.5 version goes online and supports Graphic Packs, perhaps for new features but with no guarantee. I will definitely not support future versions of the game as I do not have the time anymore.

Please do not understand me wrong. I will be always available for the issues the users of the TB3 script will report for T3.5 servers. But with no guarantee for a response. It may sound as a non-sense. Anyway... if I get some log-in information (server, username, password - please change it for the test) I may log in, look at the reported issue, try to find a fix and eventually post a new version of the script (including a fix). But... it is possible that I will not do any of these actions at all...

Thank you for your understanding.
asta User

Well if in all countrys applies like in PT,its goodbye TB. In Pt servers,ALL were update to 3.6. Excluding some features that are just for new servers,ALL servers are now on 3.6

Exchequer User

On the market the offers take time to charge, specially if you charge 5 pages at the same time, but you don't know if there are not any offer or is that the script is loading/filtering the offers.

What about adding an option in the config to show a "loading %" or a pop up to know when the offers are loaded and filtered?

krikko User

It could be interesting to have, under the list of villages on the right side, the TOTAL amount of hourly production for each resource: lumber, clay, iron, gross crop and net crop.

funky farmer User

Update for 3.6 would eb good since the gold club and 3 x trade movments can mess up the merchants moving and you cant use all the trav beyond features..

also be really good if you can maximise the program to run faster it lags alot i have noticed :S and i have a very powerful pc..

also a save file or something so the settings we choose can be transfred to other accounts :)

EJS Scriptwright

I like to name my villages many different things, however that causes the order of the village list to change (as it is alpha sorted.) The only way around that would be to name your villages 1. <name>, 2.<name> .... which makes it very easy for people to know what is going on in your kingdom. So, I wrote a script to take care of that.

The script is at:

I honestly think it should be included/merged in. Should be very easy to do, as I wrote it with that in mind.</name></name>

freelance User

hello all, im new here, so i hope this is the right section..

first or all i just want to say this script is great, and well done to the creators.

my knowledge on these scripts and how they work is patchy at best, i have an idea for something to add to this script, something i would love to see (assuming its possible lol) would it be possible to have an option to store info from the notebook to a website? this way i could set up my farming list and what im doing in my account etc, and rather then this info being saved in my browser cache, it could be saved on some web space, this way (after giving a username and password) my duel could see my notes and farming list, and if either of us change the notepad info, we would both see the changes

TravelleR User

The calculation of culture points is wrong, you can see in the image below.
I would appreciate if you could correct this bug

Thank you :)