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Jesse Andrews Admin

I've finished the rewrite of the forum system.

There are lots of improvements I want to do:

* fix the green/seen status for all of forums
* search should use sphinx instead of sql search
* highlight when a topic is created by the script author
* preview of posts before you submit
* a plan for moderation (since comment rating isn't live anymore)


What do you guys see?

Avindra V.G. Scriptwright

* preview of posts before you submit

i'd like to see this in an ajax-style interface... loading a new page to preview is overrated.. haha

jerone Scriptwright

Never seen this coming.

* I like to be able to pin and close topics for my scripts.
* Possible to search though threaded discussions only.
* Show topic starter (person).

w35l3y Scriptwright

nice work! very good.
i'd like all of these improvements too

ps: the last post column in the discussion list is pointing out to the first post

Mindeye Scriptwright

The new threaded comments aren't added to the "Comments in your scripts" rss feed or the comments number in /home/scripts table

The new system is nice, as it'll be easier to separate the different conversations. However, some sort of moderation should be added as quickly as possible, as I see spammers opening thread after thread

Brains Scriptwright

i would like to se the scriptowner's comments, with a yellow background again. :/

Jesse Andrews Admin

@brains et al,

I plan implementing specific improvements to the forum code that tomorrow night. I just finished the "tabification" of the script pages, as well as breaking the styling on lots of places on the site :(

Mindeye Scriptwright

Jesse, will the comments number in /home/scripts be updated to work with threaded discussions or a new number will be added?

Jesse Andrews Admin

@Mindeye - ya, unfortunately they are separate right now. I've been exhausted getting a new release of Taboo out.. Now that it is out I can hack on this tomorrow.