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Jesse Andrews Admin

The following is an archive of comments made before threaded discussions was implemented (November 16th, 2008)

Damir Zekić Scriptwright

I've updated the script and posted new version at:

Summary of changes:

  • aded support for rich-text editor
  • signature in reply gets removed
  • made code OO for easier maintenance
  • few cosmetic changes adjusted to my preferences


darkphader User

Script doesn't seem to fully work properly (although the cursor does get placed at the bottom).

The problem I'm seeing is that "signatureBegins" is always "-1" because the pattern that signifies the start of a script - "\n-- \n", while it may appear in the post that one is replying to is completely lost in the body of the reply text. Unfortunately there is no way to recover it as the line now becomes "\n> --\n"; and with the trailing space lost there is no way to say with absolute certainty that the line signifies the start of a signature.

I had wanted to edit the script to strip the signature on reply (as Kmail and others do), which admittedly Gmail should do naturally (shouldn't really need a user script to repair this issue).

The other thing that keeps me from using the web interface is another Kmail feature where only the hilghted text in the post gets quoted in the reply (hilighting nothing uses the default of quoting all minus the signature), although it doesn't allow for the selection of discontiguous blocks of text.

Despite everything I love about Kmail its IMAP support is a bit, shall we say, molasses covered. Found another KDE client - Mailody - which, although not very full-featured, appears to have a really good IMAP engine. Hopefully the Kmail devs will find a way to get a clue from it one of these days.

Didn't mean to go off course on a side rant. If the web UI had those features I would find it useful instead of virtually a headache to use.


Alan Smith User

I'm actually not positive what the "caret_after_the quoted text" means. But I know that this works for me. I have a script loaded that changes blank tabs blue instead of white and before this script it made my reply box blue as well, this script fixes that. thank you.