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Jesse Andrews Admin

The following is an archive of comments made before threaded discussions was implemented (November 16th, 2008)

fatcatquilting User

This is no longer working. Why? When I click on the "EMOTICONS" button I get a link to Bishop's Univerty Student's Reprsentitive Council.


i tried using both the old verson and the new version to find this emoticon thing, but i think i may be BLIND or something!!!!!!!!!!

icerob User

I believe you can work around the problem by selecting British English as your default language under Settings. It's an official fix to a certain slowness problem some of us were experiencing, and as it happens, Emoticons still works for me.

Only, not for replies, just for the original message. I wish that could be fixed.

HatastiX User

"We recently pushed a change so Gmail Javascript now loads in an iframe."

"If you're the author of a Gmail Greasemonkey script, you should be able to work around the update by changing the window object used -- Mihai P. posted an update to his Macros script on Friday. If you are accessing the "gmonkey" object via a different mechanism, then you can reference it using top.js.gmonkey for now, and an update will be pushed this week that creates an alias in the main window's context."

dr brady User

I do see that the script does not work on new gmail. Will it be upgraded to work with the new gmail?

HatastiX User

does NOT work with new gmail. Will work if you switch to "old version" in gmail :(

HatastiX User

Please consider hosting the emoticons on

you will need more descriptive names than these:

the archive is forever!

hikerguy User

Hello, I'm running FF v2.0.0.11 and the newest version of Gmail. I don't see the emoticons link using either version???



Jason Bunke User

This script will still work if you use the older version of Gmail (see the link on the top of the Gmail screen).

Peg User

I installed greasemonkey, restarted Firefox and then installed the GMail Emoticons script. However, the Emoticons! link does not appear on the right hand side of Check Spelling link in compose mail. I am using the newer gmail. What do I need to do to get the script to work?

Andrew Cook User

Love this. Noticed that it seems to work only when composing an original email. Would love to have it work when replying or forwarding, too. I don't know the scripting well enough to attempt that modification myself. Any chance you'll update it to make it work with replies/forwards?

Thanks, Andy

VoiceOfRa Scriptwright

These are awesome. My other friends w/ gmail keep asking how the heck I'm doing it :)

For any previous or new commentors wondering about making them available in a reply email...just keep the smilies popup open after sending an original email (or start one, open the emoticon popup and discard the 'original' email, leaving the emoticon popup open). It still does the job.

mgthantzin User

Why don't we have an ajaxy division that appears somewhere near the mail editor, rather then a pop-up???

Just a suggestion.

Anyway, this is a great work! Keep it up.

- mgthantzin

David Regev Scriptwright

Cute script.

The Gmail Skins extension has a great Insert Smiley function that integrates quite nicely into Gmail’s toolbar (without the need to open a separate page). It would be cool if someone could extract that functionality into a separate script.

rozuja User

the emo panel desn't work please confirm this

the page doesn't apears

Daniel Hoerr User

Love the script, love the emoticons you have in your table.

Any chance it could be updated to appear when replying/forwarding?


cysoon User

Is it possible that the icons shown when replying an email?

Jason Bunke User

The Gmail Skins emoticons seem to be working again, but I'm still keeping this script installed,a s it gives me more options. I especially like the, "I love Firefox! Get outta here, IE!" emoticon!!

Jason Bunke User

Thanks! I have the Gmail Skins extension installed, but those emoticons don't seem to be working anymore, plus I think these are better, anyway!

I, too, don't get the Emoticons! button when replying to an email, but it's easy to work around -- just open a compose window, click on the Emoticons! button there, and then leave the little emoticons window open while you go back to the message you want to respond to. You should then be able to use the emoticons.

Naja Melan Scriptwright

your script gave me a lot of javascript errors when on gmail but not on a compose page. Changing your function like this solves that problem...

Put it right at the top, there is no reason to run anything else if there is no composeEditbar...


var composeEditBar;
if( !( composeEditBar = document.getElementById( 'sp_compose' ) ) ) return;

Smee User



Spiritchyll User

This doesn't work for me... I have Greasemonkey installed. I click on the 'Install this script' button. I see the message from Firefox telling me to click 'install'. I do it... and nothing happens. My Gmail interface doesn't show the emoticons buttons. I've restarted FF and still nothing. I'm so new at this that I've missed something? Help...please.

Alejandro Matos User

Oh, BTW: the icons doesn't show when replying an email :(

parry101 Scriptwright

Is it possible you could make this for myspace comments and bulletins? :D