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ekb, I just changed the regexp a little so that emails didn't get linkified. No I'm not changing the name.

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Super Linkifier –

Posted Jun 28, 2008

Two examples I would like linkified:



On this page...

Snap Links would be nice if all the text links became links.

ekbworldwide User

Since there already is a "Linkify ting" - your script should have a different name (and people might not understand it's an improvement).

Linkify ting –

How about "LinkifyPlus" and keep it one word in the title and two words in the description so it can be found easiy by googling? "Linkify ting plus" - no - bad name.

I had the orginal but when I installed yours it just overwrote it. Which I didn't like. At all. I wanted to compare them.


I haven't used it yet - so I can't comment on that (yet).