Myspace custom style remover

By deleted user Last update Jun 19, 2005 — Installed 38,567 times.

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Jesse Andrews Admin

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jenna User

Where are you supposed to put this code?

Ragnus User

Best script on this site.

punzak User

I love this userscript. It doesn't remove the failing marquees that some people have though. To remove falling marquees add:

var badmarquees = document.getElementsByTagName("marquee");
var i = badmarquees.length - 1;
while (i >= 0) {
badmarquees[i] = badmarquees[i].parentNode.removeChild(badmarquees[i]);

jeffg User

Thanks for such a great script. One problem I'm finding: when the script is enabled, and one edits one's profile (or friends, or whatever) the formatting gets messed up-- everything is stretched out vertically. Disabling the script fixes this. Anyone esle have this problem?

Nick Blanken... Scriptwright

This is an absolutely EXCELLENT SCRIPT....... WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! YEAH
Just One Thing though If you have a "CUSTOM MYSPACE HOMEPAGE SCRIPT" then add:
Jacob (IDIDI... Scriptwright

can someone write in a little button to unmask a profile?

MrEricSir Scriptwright

This script needs an addition to the exclusion list:*

Otherwise the profile editing can be screwed up.

vas kaloidis User

This thing is AMAZING! it makes viewing myspaces not HORRIBLE! I hate when your friends put so maany glittery things on myspace it nearly gives u a seizure!

samleigh User

haha crap, that was 'big' tags. Sorry :P

samleigh User

Great, but doesn't remove tags, which is what I mainly wanted it for as my non-firefox using friends have discovered that tag and use it to make text bigger than the screen!

thebigo195 User

works great, even stops those annoying songs from playing which is what I wanted most from it. Recommended!!

Scott 1 User

Possibly one of the 5 best scripts on

adam knutson Scriptwright

nice, I just leave it disabled and enable it if someone has a real annoying page.

Arm 2 User

The Myspace players seem to be working again. This is a good plugin to have since NOBODY on Myspace has a custom style that isnt as bloated and worthless as can be.

Fatal Fury User

Good to have on reserve. I wouldn't recommend having this script constantly enabled, because sometimes people have nice custom layouts. :) But when you encounter a page that you can't read, simply enable this script and refresh the page.

Arm 2 User

It causes the flash mp3 player to not be able to load the mp3s. An example is
As you see, with the plugin enabled the songs never load but with the script off it works.

Tim 3 User

Doesn't work for me, on Firefox 1.5 RC2

Michael Bierman Scriptwright

It would be great if this script removed embed and object tags too.

Brandon 1 User

This would be great to get working in the beta. I'm back to not being able to read pink text on a purple background!

Will Whitworth User

Can anyone update this to work with Firefox 1.5 Beta 1?

frantik User

does what it says.. now i can actually read people's pages on myspace.. though now i can't use the natural filtering system that helped me avoid people with bad taste ;)