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Jesse Andrews Admin

The following is an archive of comments made before threaded discussions was implemented (November 16th, 2008)

df_uk Scriptwright

Facebook URL cleaner should come in handy Move it to the top of your scripts in Greasemonkey with Alt-Up

Bengt A Scriptwright

Great script!!! Just what I wanted (but couldn't figure out how to write myself... ;-)

Innovign User

Well, I don't really like the 'New Facebook' pages so that's fine. thanks!

piano_man Script's Author

Unfortunately, on the 'New Facebook' pages the script will not always block the sidebar ads. This is because of a new mechanism on the Facebook pages where when you click on 'Photos' or 'Inbox' etc., the page will dynamically change its content, instead of navigating your browser to another page. Greasemonkey only runs its scripts when a new page is loaded, or when you click 'Refresh'/'Reload' in your browser.

To remedy this, when you move to another page on the New Facebook, click 'Refresh'/'Reload' (Ctrl + R in Firefox) to have Greasemonkey run the NoFacebookAds script, and any others you may have installed for Facebook pages.

axiom Scriptwright

You need to add //div[contains(@class, 'sponsor')] to your rules list as well to gid rid of those awful social ads on the front page.

piano_man Script's Author

Updated to version 0.5. Now blocks the ad column on the right hand side of the 'New Facebook' layout.

piano_man Script's Author

hey guys. Thanks for your comments.
I'm glad to hear it's working well for you.

Mikkel, thanks for the tip. I might add it on to the script.

carvingwaves User

works great.

Javad697 User

one of the useful scripts

Mikkel Jensen Scriptwright

I had to add "//div[@id='sponsored_links'] | //div[@id='sidebar_ads']" to the script to remove all my sideads.

piano_man Script's Author

Updated to version 0.4 to block more social ads.

piano_man Script's Author


zzzzzzz_z User

Good Script (y)

piano_man Script's Author

Updated: 14 November 2007
Now also removes 'social adverts' such as the annoying Danish(?) barber adverts that seem to frequent my home page now...

piano_man Script's Author

Certain flyers weren't getting blocked; this is now fixed in version 0.2.