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By James Cameron Last update Nov 29, 2007 — Installed 11,216 times.

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Jesse Andrews Admin

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Joe B. Scriptwright

Yeah, I was messing around with it a bit today, and MySpace seems to group the two together. I tried to AdBlock one, and it took the other with it. Oh well.

James Cameron Script's Author

I tried but couldn't do so.

Joe B. Scriptwright

Is there any way for me to do this? If I knew how, I would be set.

Joe B. Scriptwright

Is there a way for me to edit this code so that the friend updates go below the top friends space? I'm not very good with this. Thanks!

James Cameron Script's Author

Yeah I did.

InsaneNinja Scriptwright

you set it to hide the skin switch? that why i had moved it below friends

James Cameron Script's Author


u1u2s3s4 User

First of all, i love the script!!
Thank you so much!

I have a question, how would i go about moving the information with the [Date, your network, profile view, last login, show my: ranking score, Favorites, invite history, classified posts] below my friends?

James Cameron Script's Author


InsaneNinja Scriptwright

uhm.. that should be...

// @include http://home.myspace.com/*fuseaction=user*
// @exclude *fuseaction=user.*

InsaneNinja Scriptwright

i've noticed more than a couple pages this script disables.. such as, if you use MyspaceIM and click "new comments" alert, it sends you to this..


this activates your include and wipes the page

i would suggest adjusting your script to this..

// @include http://home.myspace.com/*fuseaction=user*
// @exclude *fuseaction=user.*

James Cameron Script's Author

Fixed the signout button nevermind.

James Cameron Script's Author

Trying to hide Sponsored Links is becoming difficult. Somehow the signout button no longer is working anyone wanna try to fix it.

question.com User

great script. works great

Rebecca User

I love this script but every now and then the Sponsored Links section still shows up

you can see what I'm seeing at

bengongboy User

Thanks for the update bro..
really thanks !
: )

James Cameron Script's Author


add "id[rmv++] = 'home_infoBar';" to the Removes the Crap Section. and then delete all of the code starting with "// Move Info Bar" to "// Move Messages back OVER status" and it should be fixed for you.

And your infobox might be messed up because of other scripts you have running on the homepage because all of the computers I've installed this on it's never done that before.

NathanJ User

I like this mod, it removes what I wanted it to.

The screenshot is wrong, however. It does not show the box in the lower left with the date. On mine, I can see the header, but the rest is obscured below the bottom of the page, and it can't be scrolled to. I can select some of the text, but it doesn't display. I'd rather not see it at all to be honest.

Thank you FJ for a useful script.

xmysterioso User

Right, the status will show up but the view friends status link disappears. :/

InsaneNinja Scriptwright

as i had said before, i messed up.. remove "ctl00_|" from the blacklist and it'll save a whole world of trouble.. that one item actually covers everything you had to put in the white list, plus one or two other links like "view all status updates"

James Cameron Script's Author

Fixed the new notifications error. I wasn't seeing it due to other scripts enabled.

Joe that is completely fine. Go ahead. ANd I see you already figured out how to make those bars.
Joe B. Scriptwright

I added your Sign Out button to my new script, and I will take it off you if you do not permit it. I credited you in the script, however, and I will link to your script in my description. I do have one question, though. How do you get the "Description" bars and such to go in your description?

Franco55 User

new comments, messages, friends requests, etc. aren't showing up. also, could u make the bulletins be on the right under the friends list and get rid of the words "from" "date" and "bulletin"?

James Cameron Script's Author

The white space on the bottom always seems to be there no matter what I do. I can't find a way to make it smaller at all. I've tried and tried and I can't figure it out.

The comments don't hide on mine. Maybe it's another script aswell. I might be reverting to the old script pretty soon if this one keeps causing problems.

And for those of you having the featured comedy show up it shouldn't be at all. What other GM scripts do you have running on the homepage?