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Jesse Andrews Admin

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Outeiro User

I hope it could help you:

this is the feed url of a username's favorite videos

sameagain Script's Author

unfortunately youtube don't add favourites RSS functionality so I can't take advantage of it. It'd need to be a separately-hosted solution that generated the feeds. Javascript wouldn't cut it.

Outeiro User

great script, and very useful.

can you add a feed with the favorites of the user?


djackmanson Scriptwright

VERY useful. I track a lot of different YouTube users for my blogging and I got sick and tired of googling to remember how to format the RSS code to punch into my feed reader.

Thanks very much for this!

Thomas Henry User

funkin-A!!! finally! thx :)

ekbworldwide User

This is a really useful script. Youtube + rss is nifty.

I think you should have screen shots, etc - so people understand what the script does. It should have more installs than it does.

I installed the new version - I'll let you know if anything doesn't work.

sameagain Script's Author

This is working again now with 0.7.20080121.0 - if anyone gets any issues with it please let me know.


sameagain Script's Author

ugh, I just noticed that youtube have changed the format of their urls. I'll rewrite it to make it a little more sturdy.

I know the icon sometimes appears, but I'd rather guarantee that it appears. Don't install this at the moment - I'll post again when it's fixed

ekbworldwide User

It's not working very well with 0.7.20080121.0

Sometimes the rss icon is there. Sometimes it's not. Refreshing sometimes works.