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JoeSimmons Scriptwright

Oh I get what you're saying now. Okay.

diego.devita Script's Author

just as I said in the description. I wanted to explain the difference between this script and the original one by Caimar. The old one used the id to get the right nodes. When GMail changed, the id was no more available and the script didn't work anymore. All I did was rewrite the script to make it work using the same concept. How i solved the problem of the id? I simply look for all the buttons which contain the word delete (or any other word you specify by yourself in a constant according to your language) in the innerHTML. So when I say "by their content" I really mean the content...the label in the case of a button.

JoeSimmons Scriptwright

it finds the buttons by their content and not by id

According to your code, it doesn't find the delete button by id because it has no id. It has act=10 and a class, that's it.

diego.devita Script's Author

wow, it's an honour!
I really appreciated your idea and I was disappointed something changed and the script didn't work anymore. So this was an opportunity to discover the world of greasemonkey scripts from the other side. I learnt a lot. Thanks!

Bruno Caimar Scriptwright

Hello Diego,
Nice work!
Unfortunatelly, I don't have time to update my script!

diego.devita Script's Author


MindTwister Scriptwright

Nice work :)