Gmail + Reader Integrator

By Pradeep Last update Feb 8, 2007 — Installed 16,983 times.

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Jesse Andrews Admin

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Dapxin User

Can you make this work for Opera please ?

David84 User


I'm having exactly the same problem as georgie. I can't use the new script because I am a UK user.

Any ideas?

jesses Scriptwright

I updated this script for the new Gmail interface at

wmblewett Scriptwright

disregard below post... error was caused when using 'Google + Reader' script and the 'Gmail with different attachment icons' script together. Disabled the latter script and the error is now gone...

wmblewett Scriptwright

I get the following error when viewing reader in Gmail "Permission denied to get property HTMLDocument.getElementByID"

JohnTheJohnMan Scriptwright

is there any way to show google reader when gmail loads instead of having to click it to open.

nickman55 Scriptwright

I made an updated version of this script that allows the labels in the Reader box to collapse, as well as made a few visual changes.

streetdaddy User

signed up just so I could praise your good work! I wish I'd come across this sooner...

MagnoliaSouth User

Excellent script and my very first install so congrats on being my first. ;) *blush* Pun intended.

One request though. I have an incredible number of Reader tags and Gmail labels. That said when I open the reader, it drops my labels and contacts way, way, way down the page.

I would like to see a way to do both of these things:
1. Collapse the tags box. I rarely need it.
2. Move the tag box to the very bottom, under my Gmail labels and contacts boxes.

Thank you either way. Well done!

Peter Morris User

Issue: In Gmail with this script installed, I read an article and wish to email it to someone, the email link in the reader feed does nothing.

Great script none the less.

cgalik User

Very nice integration! This script allows you to view Reader and Gmail at the same time, or collapse one or the other. Very nice work!

Derrek User

Hands down, this is the best script I have seen yet. incidentally I have been "wishing" for such a feature, now we don't have to wait for Google to catch on and push it out. THANK YOU!