IMDb/ Ratings in Netflix

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Jesse Andrews Admin

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Sunscream Script's Author

I suggest changing the url to The source has been released so if you guys make it better or any more changes, I'd love to know about it. Thank you Anurag Gupta.

Anurag Gupta User

Since Netflix changed the interface, the script has broken down.
However, here's a quick fix using Robert Nyman's getElementsByClassName. Modify getSpanYear() as:
1. get "movie-display" class in document
e.g. getElementsByClassName(document, "*", "movie-display")
2. get "title" class in firstChild of above
3. get "year" class in firstChild of above (strTagName maybe set to "span")
4. return firstChild.nodeValue of above

And finally, in the function insertIMDbLinks modify the search string to "Help?id=1632"


Sunscream Script's Author

Script updated to work with Greasemonkey 0.6.4. Old version can be found on site.

Sunscream Script's Author

What doesn't work about it? It mostly works for me. There is a bug where sometimes it will say not found even though it can be found.

Kwasi Bunsie User

This script does not appear to work.