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bangalo User

download viedo on

download video on from

youtube dailymotion google video and break ifilm putfile and more easy and fast

download video from most video share video on

dkhal Scriptwright

my script downloads youtube vids as mp4, mp3 and flv

jack1455 User

I would recommend you use these tools:
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Vava User

It's not working on any si tes.can u say why?

sanriver12 User

not working on youtube, other sites fine.

SteeLx Scriptwright

nice script.

also for e.g.
replace it with

then u can also download the same.

sizzlemctwizzle Scriptwright

god this page is full of spam.

frank d User

I can not get this to work with

pikachu User

hello all I have a big problem I can`t download this pogramm . Why??

rforums User

excellent script. How about adding support for liveleak videos...

JD Gunter Scriptwright

Thanks, this is an awesome script. =)

sizzlemctwizzle Scriptwright

oh and myspace just change the way they embed their videos,

sizzlemctwizzle Scriptwright

Would be nice if you added support for Facebook Video:

zbin User

:) nice job

Arvin Christ... User


I just want to request if you could please add in the list because almost all my favorite videos are in there.

P.S. I love this script please continue to make more quality scripts Thanks alot !!!

JasonMel User

I've used the heck out of this script, and it's a beautiful thing. I only wish this allowed downloading movie previews at NetFlix.

yngwie User

Hi, I have solved my previous problem, however this isn't working for Sevenload! Can someone help please, thanks?

Tarrant User

this did not work on webside. could somebody help? not sure about what djinn said.

yngwie User

Hello, I'm trying to install this script and a Windows Script Host window pops up with the following error:

Line: 17
Char: 1
Error: 'top' is undefined
Code: 800A1391
Source: Microsoft JSCript runtime error

Anyone knows how can I solve this? Thanks.

djinn User

I just found out that the script is no longer working with
To fix it edit the source code and replace




jessx4680 User

hi this works perfectly for me except for youtube they changed their site and i can't download videos anymore. is there any way to fix this? thanx

kravinec User

I have a problem with Greasemonkey, Firefox 2.0 and this script (with all scripts). I cannot install it. After pressing "Install" button it stopped. What to do ?

pleasedelete User

Thanks reisirumuz that's much better, could you tell me how i can place the box in the top left hand corner? This area seems to be the area which is least used by sites.


reisirumuz User

i know englishmen. i was edited for this.
for right-bottom, small button.