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larytet Script's Author

does not work anymore - CNN switched to Flash. I do not have Flash player on my machines, and I do not have reasons to look for workarounds. I just read the articles (no pun intended hehe) from now on

pastyr User

Thanks for this script, it is really helpful!
Indeed, the videos from "Watch video" section do not work with the script if you click on the title, however, they play if you click on the picture with accompanies them! Don't ask me why, I don't know, maybe larylet would...

larytet Script's Author

this small script with 3K views has more success than all other of my open source projects altogether.

To NickWithers: i do not see a problem. post a link to HTML/video i will try to fix the script

NickWithers User

Hi, The script works very well on the Latest News section on links marked with a camera icon, but further down the page, in the Free Video section, I still have the same problem "No Media Player detected". Do I need another script?

Vegancheeses... User

Ive been looking for a script like this!

Anyway to get it to work with the 'Watch Free Video' box on the homepage?

larytet Script's Author

i appreciate the 5.0 rating people give the script. thank you.

larytet Script's Author

on Win32 try MPlayer

kupony User

perfect! now if only there was a compact skin for wmp...