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By Denis Golomazov Last update Sep 30, 2007 — Installed 1,386 times.

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Jesse Andrews Admin

The following is an archive of comments made before threaded discussions was implemented (November 16th, 2008)

ttfn Scriptwright

Changing the third parameter of the addEventListener to true seems to get the script working again.

Also to stop the script for firing when typing in the searchbox you can use something like

if ( != "INPUT") {

Denis Golomazov Script's Author

Thanks a lot for the comment. I'll try to find a fix as soon as I can, but can't promise it'll be very soon.

wei User

Sorry, but this doesn't work any longer on a normal basis.

It only works after I click on a link. Normal Google Reader keyboard shortcuts then no longer work.

Denis Golomazov Script's Author

Thanks for the comment. At first glance I don't know how to do it quickly. I'll try to figure it out a bit later.

I see that you left a similar comment on the script, which my script is based on. If the author of that script finds a solution, please let me know by commenting, and I'll be able to fix this script immediately.

wei User

Is there a way to make this inactive when the keyboard caret is on the search box? Typing anything with 'b' in the search box causes the post currently being read to open.

Denis Golomazov Script's Author

Well, I've forgotten to mention in the description, that I always use "List mode" and didn't test the script in "Expanded mode". Thank you for pointing this out, I'll edit the description.

wei User

Works really great but there's no need for the second part (to imitate 'm') because items are automatically marked as read when it's in expanded mode. Having it means that opened items are marked as UNread.