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The following is an archive of comments made before threaded discussions was implemented (November 16th, 2008)

Timbo Script's Author

Thanks to teridon for keeping this up-to-date. See his script linked below.

teridon Scriptwright

I have updated this script to work with the latest (i.e. late August 2007) version of Digg. Also, I added the capability to filter by username! It's called "Digg Washer v2", Get it here

sqladmin User

ACK!! Please help! Is not available for the new version of Digg!!

sqladmin User

"i would do a barrel roll if i could filter articles based on the user that submitted it."

i second that!!

good one mugnebot!

mugnebot User

thank you for this script. the amount of dupe submissions to the video section has made my visits to digg increasingly irritating.

i've got a feature request. a lot of video spamissions these days come from a small group of users promoting sites that pay for views (like flicklife). i would do a barrel roll if i could filter articles based on the user that submitted it.

sqladmin User

thanks but still works great for me. tested on different machines.

one work of caution though... don't click the 'Clear' link by accident. i had hundreds of news articles filtered out. HUNDREDS... all gone by accidentally clicking 'Clear'

left to repopulate them again. adding words left and right now.

teridon Scriptwright

Digg seems to have updated their pages. The story text is now in the second paragraph of the enclosure. So you need to change line 71 to: var text = document.evaluate("div/p[2]/text()", div, null, XPathResult.STRING_TYPE, null).stringValue;
(add the [2] to the p)

sqladmin User


Once you have the script installed you can add keywords by doing the following:

Step 1.
Click: Show Options
('show options' is located above the first article)

Step 2.
Type your keyword in the digg search box
('search box' is located at the top-right of the page just beside the 'logout' link)

Once your word is typed in you can then click
Add HideWord

Step 3.
Refresh the page, and you will now see your HideWord listed next to 'Add HideWord' and any articles with your keyword will be filtered out of Digg, and replaced by the next article in line.

Now you can enjoy Digg in all it's splendor without all the garbage you don't care to see.


sqladmin User

this works great!!

i'm hiding key-words like crazy! any thing i
don't want to see; is gone once i add it's key