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Jesse Andrews Admin

The following is an archive of comments made before threaded discussions was implemented (November 16th, 2008)

dieslowly User

Firstly, great script but I have a slight bug...

I'm not 100% sure which script I should leave this comment on but there's a bit of incompatibility between your script and googlemonkeyr. I have googlemonkeyr display the search results in two columns but for some reason the first column gets squashed half of the second column is hid underneath what I can only imagine is white space padding from your search sidebar despite there being ample room for both to fit on screen

Image Removed

Does that look like something you would be able to fix or should I take the query to the googlemonkeyr page?

I'm using Firefox 3 on the UK localisation of google by the way.


a0peter User

Sweet! How did I survive without this gem!?

fusen Scriptwright

oh man! thanks so much for updating this ;D

gabedibble Scriptwright

Thank you for the suggestions to my script [Google i&Search Dark + Enhancements] --- I appreciate it! I did just that and it looks great. Thank you for also updating your script, I've really missed it! Best regards, GD

Kyle Day Script's Author

Script should now work with Firefox 3. Not tested with previous versions of Firefox.

Yuri Accioly User

Please update the script! my favorite script is no longer working.

NickyP User

Stopped working with Firefox on my Vista-32bit machine. Any ideas?

fusen Scriptwright

I'd love it if this could be updated to work in firefox 3, thanks

a0peter User

This doesn't seem to work with the version intended for Firefox 3. Any one know how to fix it?

PeterVk User

This is my fav script! But, like ollieg said, doesn't work with GreaseKit (for Safari). Any one know how to make it so?

ollieg User

Looks awesome but also doesn't work for me with Safari and Greasekit on OS X 10.4.11

Kyle Day Script's Author


fixed, thanks.

scragz Scriptwright

styles += ' { clear: both; }';

Add that so the layout doesn't mess up when there are no results.

Yoshi360 User

Very cool idea, but unfortunately doesn't work with Greasekit. :-(

dying User

I tried using this with CustomizeGoogle addon feature with "Stream search results" on, it doesnt seem to work at all with this option enabled, is it possible to add support for this feature in the near future? If so, it would be greatly apperciated, thanks.

ccarpita Scriptwright

Just tested this, and it is a nice piece of work. I would add this to the list of essential GreaseMonkey scripts for anyone.

Howard Scriptwright

awesome script!


tjsubbie User

thanks for the changes

tjsubbie User

Big fan of this!
would be a lot better if it would stick to the right side instead of using a minimum distance from the left side though, usefull for big resolution screens.
Now it feels narrow.

gabedibble Scriptwright

I highly recommend using this script with my Google Mod: Google i&Search Dark + Enhancements (

dekaru User

wow... it's great !!

can we set how many resources or add new ones ?

gabedibble Scriptwright

COOL IDEA! i like

Captain Frigate User is a great free, online dictionary. I use the Dictionary Tooltip add-on a whole lot, and this would pretty much round out the script.

jerone Scriptwright

Please post a screenshot?!