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Jesse Andrews Admin

The following is an archive of comments made before threaded discussions was implemented (November 16th, 2008)

Xtina Scriptwright

To get this to work for Feministing, look for the "function feministingNewScenario()" section, and replace the precedingBit and followingBit items with:

precedingBit: 'Posted by (<a title[^>]*>|)?(',
followingBit: ')?(</a> <a class="commenter-profile"|<img alt="Author Profile Page").*$',

(Third time's a charm.)

Rebecca Mene... Scriptwright

It would be totally awesome if I could get support for added, because so far, the site admins are refusing to provide buttons to ban people (as moderator), ignore people, or otherwise filter annoyances. Thanks!

wakeboardr99 User

I second "mee" if you could tie into the WP Spam Karma that would be excellent.


Chris Tucker User

Killfile has been a great boon for those of us who participate in political discussion blogs, but there are a subclass of trolls, informally called "scroll trolls" who cut and paste long chunks of text repeatedly into the comments.

There's one on the Eschaton blog who edits his username for each of his scroll trolls.

Could you add an option to your script that would allow a user to select a character string in one of the scroll troll comments, and thereby kill that comment, but all comments containing that character string?

Help us, Obi-Wan Martin! You're our only hope!

Daniel Martin Script's Author

xbx: I don't check the comments section here often, so I hadn't seen this. (My email address is in the script source)

I'll see if I have some time this weekend to work out what has gone and done to break killfile this time.

I just happened to stop by here because I needed to update the script because pandagon changed addresses and tweaked their layout - otherwise I would not have ever seen comment at all.

xbx User

hello, some of us use this killfile over at, but the site was recently updated and it no longer works properly.

comments now autorefresh, so the killfile will kill current comments, but doesn't work for new comments. and then later *all* the killed comments will be back.

any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

the problems are briefly discussed here:

badnewswade Scriptwright

Excellent work! It still says that they have posted, but at least I don't have to look at their fat, self-satisfied mug again.

Daniel Martin Script's Author

Just go visit a site that it works on, and there will be little "Hide comment" and "Kill" links on each comment's header info. Then, click on "Kill" to hide all comments by that user, or click on "Hide comment" to only hide that users' comments. As an example of a site it works on, look at

munkey User

Howdy. Installed fine, but I don't see how to use it. Are there any user instructions available?


Daniel Martin Script's Author

Yeah, in theory troll lists could be shared, but I'm not sure that's such a useful idea, really. This isn't a tool for spam control, or a tool for moderators/owners of a blog to control the discussion on their own site. For that, you want server-side tools, and there I can see a good reason to share information on trolls. User side, it's more personal preference. For example, on livejournal there could be some twit you just don't want to hear from on every comics page post. That's likely a highly personal preference.

I suppose I can see a point to a report the owner of a blog could get saying something like "40% of your readers with killfile installed are blocking user X". Unfortunately, I don't see how to get around two big problems with that: 1) the amount of data I'd have to collect for that about users' reading habits makes me uncomfortable, and 2) there appear to be about seven people on the planet, total, using my script despite my pimping it at various blogs where you'd think it would be popular.

I'm a bit surprised that version checking isn't done by other scripts. It seemed an obvious enhancement the third or so time I updated the script to add more blogs, and t's not as though it's at all hard to implement. Maybe I'll separate the version stuff out and offer that snippet as public domain code.

mee User

Version checking? that's the first time I've seen that in a GMuS. This could be expanded DCC style, or maybe tie into the WordPress plugin Spam Karma 2 ;)