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Jesse Andrews Admin

The following is an archive of comments made before threaded discussions was implemented (November 16th, 2008)

HuGuiTo.87 User

funca d 10 en ogame.com.es
workd great on ogame.com.es

Perberos Scriptwright

neee xD
sos groso, sabelo ;)

antojuve User

Hi, im form venezuela, i speak italian very good, ogame player se vuoi scrivilo in italiano e io lo passo a spagnolo, dobo altra persona lo mette in inglese :p.

Perberos le estoy diciendo a ogame player que si quiere explique bien todo en italiano y yo lo paso a espaƱol, despues tu lo pasas a ingles :p, es que yo tampoco se hablar ingles muy bien xD

Juraj Scriptwright

This script is the shit, good work! If you could do the same thing for spying a moon, you would be a king! ;)

PS 'The shit' means something goood. ;)

Juraj Scriptwright

Works on ogame.com.hr - tested with FF 1.5 and GM 0.6.4

Milton User

well, We can reproduce the commander's function. I almost got it ;)

Perberos Scriptwright

I could also reproduce the same function of the commander
dont worry, not work... i try it
Perberos Scriptwright

its imposible, the var of speed is [1 to 10]...
you know... 3,2? :/
vle User

Could you make a script to adjust speed of ships more precisely? Ex. 32% That would be great!

OGame player Script's Author

Sorry, I'm Italian and I don't know English very well

OGame player Script's Author

I could also reproduce the same function of the commander, but I prefer not to make it, because it would be sure against the rules. This function is however useful just because it allows to choose the ships to send.
I have not used the existing link to recycle, in order to leave it to use of the commander.

I hope that you have understood all what I have written

vle User

Sorry, it works I just got it THX!

vle User

Harvest option is not enebled
When I click on debris field it does as if I pressed Fleet button on the left and then I have to enter everything manually
I thought that it would send enough reciclers emediately

OGame player Script's Author

Let me know!

vle User

doesn't work on ogame.com.hr (balkan server)
Please make it work

Perberos Scriptwright

wait, wait, it work...

Perberos Scriptwright

not work in ogame.es :(