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Jesse Andrews Admin

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X4lldux Scriptwright

If you dont want to rename your labels use this script
It allows you to select from label-menu which labels you want to hide.

Eugene Schava Script's Author

to goldenratio: Anything I can suggest - please try to insert debug statements like"line number 14");
after any script line and look at the firebug console after gmail loading or send log to me.

goldenratio User

Still doesn't work for me on either version of Gmail. =(

Eugene Schava Script's Author

It seems script stopped working for me as well so I've fixed it. Please update

goldenratio User

Hmm... I also have "pvSW6e" for DIV and
"H7Bo8e" for TABLE.

I've now tested this on my personal Gmail and my work Gmail (i.e., hosted on Google Apps for your Domain). Both have the same DIV/TABLE values but the script isn't working on either one.

Any other ideas? Thanks for your help.

Eugene Schava Script's Author

to goldenratio: Open Firebug, select Console tab
Click on Inspect button and select any label.
In DOM window you will see some selected DIV element. Find parent TABLE element (after one more DIV, TD, TR and TBODY). Please post here class attribute of this table. Also please post class of DIV parent for TABLE (I have "pvSW6e" for DIV and
"H7Bo8e" for TABLE)

Thank you!

goldenratio User

This doesn't work for me either. I just installed Firebug. What info do you need from me?

My code-fu is weak but I suspect it's this line that is different among Gmail users:

var labelsTableXpath = "//table[@class = 'H7Bo8e']";

How do I use Firebug to find the proper class name?

Eugene Schava Script's Author

to ifieatturkey: Are you using Firebug? If so - let's try to make it working

ifieatturkey User

This doesn't seem to work for me!