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Jesse Andrews Admin

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cymen Scriptwright

I need to add this to my inclusions (so viewing a photo at a different size would also have BBCode):


edit: Whoops! I thought comments went from oldest to newest and didn't check the top :).

Ghostlove User

It seems that the 'included pages' needs to be updated to http://**/*/sizes/*/ for this to work now.

kiss-my-kitty User

Thank you so much for this script! It makes posting Flickr photos on my BBCode only message board!

kaszeta User

Excellent script. I starting writing a script that did this as well, and found yours. I was going to have mine automatically pick the small size and copy the link code to the clipboard, but I like the versatility of yours a bit more.

Ryan Waddell Script's Author

I should mention that I've updated it to allow either or though :)

Ryan Waddell Script's Author

Actually, either one works - it depends on what site you visit - if you go to then that's what the download page starts with, if you just go to then *that* is what the download page starts with.

Charles Lam User

A really useful script for me, thanks for sharing.

Btw, the Flickr download page seems begin with
'' rather than ''....