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Jesse Andrews Admin

The following is an archive of comments made before threaded discussions was implemented (November 16th, 2008)

Julien Couvreur Scriptwright

For those interested:
Here is the original "Mailto Compose in GMail" (which was feature in the Greasemonkey Hacks book and handles all the mailto: url formats):

jacotyco User

could you make it so it opens in a new tab?

Mike Cunneen User

Here is a hacked source to open a gmail compose window, as requested. YMMV.

// ==UserScript==
// @name GMailTo
// @namespace
// @description Forces all mailto links to open in GMail
// @include *
// ==/UserScript==

//Super fast recursive lookup if it is a mailto: link
function goUp(target,howmany) {
if(howmany>0) {
if(target.nodeName=="A") {
if(target.href.indexOf("mailto:")==0) {
if((strip=mail.indexOf("?"))!=-1) {
if((strip=mail.indexOf("&"))!=-1) {
var mailwin =""+mail+"&cc=&su=&body=&fs=1","mailwin","menubar=no,toolbar=no,location=no,directories=no,personalbar=no,status=no,dependent=yes,width=640,height=480");
target.href = null; = null;
return false;
} else {
} else {
if(target.parentNode!=null) {
} else {
} else {

window.addEventListener("click",function(e) {
if(e.which==1) {
}, false);

sleijer User

Nice little script.

Could someone tweak the script so that clicking a mailto-link would pop up a Gmail compose window, which closes automatically after you have sent the e-mail. My javascript skills are non-existent :).

cobra75007 User

Super script !!!

Jake McGraw User

This is okay, but this is much better (full support for 'mailto' urls):

Ferenc Gerlits Scriptwright

Great little script, thank you!

N-Dream Script's Author

Ofcourse it does! LOL

Rafael User

it works