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Jesse Andrews Admin

The following is an archive of comments made before threaded discussions was implemented (November 16th, 2008)

DaleStan Scriptwright

And, for more fun and games: If using both this and some versions of the phpBB User Hide script, the "Toggle Display" link won't work on quotes unless you install this script first.
Alternatively, edit GreaseMonkey's config.xml (in gm_scripts/) appropriately.

DaleStan Scriptwright

Seems to miscalculate the end of extremely long posts. See, for example, at any resolution at or below 1024x768.

Also, its inconsistent about whether or not the offending post (the one above the linked post) needs a vertical scroll bar. Usually, F5 will remove the scroll bar, and Ctrl-F5 will put it back.

(Firefox, GreaseMonkey, no other scripts or relevant extensions. Note: This means no Adblock.)

xamm Script's Author

No as it only works on the pages that display the topics and removing the ads on forums generally involves having to delve into the source code and manually having to remove the elements that contain the adverts. So I happened to be reading this when I was bored and did just that and wrote this script.
I've not tested it very heavily but it should be fine unless the adverts get changed at some point.

avidracer User

is there a way to expand the small pages?
please take a look a the picture below too see what I'm saying here?
phpbb forum with ad:

without ad:

Is it possible to streach such a page to fit full width of screen without the ad? This page has two columns of ad which has been blocked using adblock extension.

LouCypher Scriptwright

You might also want to try Force Wrap GM script to wrap the text.

xamm Script's Author

That is odd.
1) Does it only do it on one phpBB forum or does it happen to all that you use?
2) Do you have any other userscripts that are interacting with the same page that could be stopping mine from working?

Buggy Menot Scriptwright

I found an odd bug with this script. It doesn't work when I load the page the first time, but if I set firefox to "work offline" and reload the page, the script seems to work. Any time I load or refresh a page from the server, it doesn't seem to work. This is very repeatable.

xamm Script's Author

I'm pretty sure I've solved your problem and removed all the bugs relating to the new method of wrapping it, just leave another comment if you find another issue with it.

Branstrom Scriptwright

Check out the first post in this page, hold the mouse down on the linked image and notice that the focus frame makes the scrollbar appearÂ… Could you fix that? :)

Branstrom Scriptwright

Great script, been wanting one like this for a while.

Branstrom Scriptwright

Or don't mind me.

Branstrom Scriptwright

Wrap it in an anonymous function call.