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By Stefan Berndtsson Last update Aug 13, 2005 — Installed 6,863 times.

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Jesse Andrews Admin

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Quivis User

For those who, like me, don't like certain sites, there is a simple way to add filtering to this script.

In the function "function makeGoogleImageLink(actorName)" under the line "var newLink = document.createElement("a");" add the following:

var myfilter = ""

and then add "myfilter" to the end of the following line, like so:

newLink.setAttribute("href", "" + "\"" + actorName + "\"" + myfilter);

You need to add a + and a - and then what you don't want for each of the sites you don't want hits from, as per my example.

Note that I have also added quotes around the actor name, you get less junk that way.

Have fun filtering junk out! :-)

jaffigre User

Did not work for me until I changed line
var actor = heading.firstChild.firstChild.nodeValue;


var actor = heading.firstChild.nodeValue;

nascent Scriptwright

I've been happy with Michael's image version of this script for over a year now. Thank you both.

Arteekay User

Great work, Stefan and Michael. I brought the target attribute back and changed it to "_blank" from "tpb". Didn't like losing my place on the IMDB.

Michael Sout... User

Cool idea! So many times I'm investigating an actor on IMDb and they don't have a head shot. If you're interested Stefan, I've modified your script slightly to show a little Google icon instead of the [I] link (which I missed the first few times and could be Sean Anderson's problem too)...

Arteekay User

Working under GM 0.6.2 and firefox 1.5 current nightly. Nice script!

Stefan Bernd... Script's Author

What version of GM? I've only used it in 5.x and FF/1.0.6, and it puts a [I] as a link after each actor link.

sean anderson User

It's not doing anything for me. It've tried it for movie titles and also for several actors.