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Jesse Andrews Admin

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msimic Script's Author

Updated so it works correctly (before it would not display defense reinforcements - just 1 line of defense). And sorry MeXaon, this is all public domain. There is no intent in stealing your script so i give you credit for it. I just made it work on my server.

MeXaon Scriptwright

And you stealing ;)
Delete my copyright ...

MeXaon Scriptwright

old engine not need )
I and djiko tested new engine.
If you having problems - contact Djiko.
New engine more functionally ;)

WiCiO User

that's weird.. i don't have any problems with Mexanos script and i'm on polish servers ;)

msimic Script's Author

An updated version of Mexaon's Battle Analyse 5.1.2.

This version's generate report no longer uses the beta functionality but generates the correct text to post to the old engine. This solves a bug which caused tha travilog to miss battle infos in the report for pretty much all languages other than english.

It is tested only in Croatian and has a new croatian translation.