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Jesse Andrews Admin

The following is an archive of comments made before threaded discussions was implemented (November 16th, 2008)

ric Scriptwright

JFYI, an updated version of this script (with the Fave/Ratio working) can be found here.

Ducem Barr User


Vaguely Arti... User

Thhis is awesome, thank you!

Kimberly 1 User

JPO, I second "James" comment - this has made my management SO much easier! Thank you, thank you!

btocher User

Hi jpo. Is it possible to add the group called "100 (One Hundred) Views (-200)" at ?

scragz Scriptwright

Nevermind, this is doing something else than what I initially thought. Ignore my previous comment.

scragz Scriptwright

This isn't working correctly for me. All pictures say "none" next to them in the views/groups and favs/groups screens.

The fav/view does work though.

btocher User

This is absolutely essential! Thanks so much for this, jpo.

jpo Script's Author

James - The script has been updated (version 1.09) to support this group. Thanks for your feedback.

James 3 User

This is my favorite flickr script! Very useful. Could you please fix one glitch? It does not display the "Favorites: <5>