Best Friends for StumbleUpon

By Thlayli Last update Mar 27, 2009 — Installed 4,007 times.

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Jesse Andrews Admin

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choux User

This is great! and I like that it is private,
not everyone can be a best friend. why hurt

gabedibble Scriptwright

Author: Please check out User Script Updates - simply update the header of your script and your users will be able to receive change-notification when you improve this script

Betsy User

So glad to have found this script. Easy to install, easy to use. Found out I don't need near 200 friends!

Matt Riddell User

Works great, saves going through 200 people to find someone you need to :)

Wouldn't have installed it if magmababe hadn't recommended it!


Magmababe User

Wonderful! it worked brilliantly, and was pretty easy to do, even for someone who has very little knowledge of computers, thanks!!

Jeremy User

Works like a charm. It's a real timesaver when I'm trying to get to a friend's page and I'm too lazy to just bookmark it. Thanks, Thlayli!

FirefoxWiz Scriptwright

Okey Dokey. No problem. Still a great extension! ;)

Thlayli Script's Author

Sorry FirefoxWiz, that's not possible. GM userscripts cannot change public data. The Best Friends section is created on your computer and not shared.

Many users who want a list of best friends have put a list of avatars or names in their About Me section.

FirefoxWiz Scriptwright

Great script, but I'd like to know can other ppl see 'my' best friends?