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Jesse Andrews Admin

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KayKay Scriptwright

There is no need to improve my script??! Just a simple copy! (You may rename MY variable names, at least!! Buffoon!)

Same script (with auto-update + multilingual + multi format support [mp4, aswell as high quality flv + normal flv!!]):

Brandyn Script's Author

My script should work now.

n00dles User

Or... you could use this script, which does work:

Booboo Scriptwright

Hi people,

I've done the same as you, but i looked behind the scenes so there were some problems in the code, i've tried to sove:

// ==UserScript==
// @name          Download ANY Video from YouTube
// @namespace
// @description   adds a link to download flv from You Tube
// @source
// @identifier
// @version     5
// @date          2008-06-62
// @creator       Sn1p1ng Guy117
// @include       *youtube.*/*v=*
// ==/UserScript==

 var download_url = '';
 var playerDiv = document.getElementById('movie_player');
 var flashvars = document.evaluate("attribute::flashvars", playerDiv, null, XPathResult.STRING_TYPE, null).stringValue;
 var video_id = flashvars.match(/video_id=([^(\&|$)]*)/)[1];
 var video_format = '.mp4'; 
 var video_url = download_url + video_id + video_format;

function getEl(w){
	return document.getElementById(w);

       desc = getEl("watch-views-div");
       descP = desc.parentNode;
       dv = document.createElement("a");
       dv.innerHTML=" Download MP4 ";
       dv.setAttribute("rel", "nofollow");
       dv.setAttribute("class", "actionLink");
       descP.insertBefore(dv, desc);

function autoupdate() {
var day = GM_getValue('day');
if(day == undefined){
	GM_setValue('day',new Date().getDay());
	if(day != new Date().getDay()){

			onload:function(result) {
				if (result.responseText.indexOf('@version     1') == -1) {
					var div = document.createElement("div");
			div.setAttribute("style", "background-color: #00FF00;");
					div.appendChild(document.createTextNode('There is a new version of the "Download ANY Video from YouTube" userscript.'));

					var a1 = document.createElement("a");
					a1.setAttribute("href", "");
					a1.appendChild(document.createTextNode('Click here to install the script update'));

					document.body.insertBefore(div, document.body.firstChild);
			GM_setValue('version',version + 1);
		GM_setValue('day',new Date().getDay());


I don't guaranty anything but the syntax errors are gone. ;)

n00dles User

Ditto for me - I've installed and re-installed, but never see the "Download MP4" link. Too bad... this sounds like exactly the script I wanted. I've got very little use for low-res FLVs, but would love a quick and easy way to grab the MP4s.

JoeSimmons Scriptwright

Np. By the way Author, your include should be correctly put as http://**

Script isn't even working now, at all, no matter how many times I re-install.

KayKay Scriptwright

Oh! ^^ Sry for that one dude... I missunderstood! ;-D

Yea... looks like that... Well... just use...
Now available in over 10 languages! :-)

JoeSimmons Scriptwright

Not yours. His.

KayKay Scriptwright

Yea... For sure! If my script was uploaded first, it has to be a copy!?! *eye-roll*

FLV because not all videos are available as mp4!

JoeSimmons Scriptwright

haha yea script copy. and this isn't mp4 format, it's flv....

KayKay Scriptwright

Same script (with auto-update + multilingual) already exists at:

Hot Soup0 User

Whereabouts should this link be? I've installed it three times total, haven't seen it yet...

*EDIT* Whooops, found it.

Brandyn Script's Author

Some users report this as not displaying the download link, if this happens reinstall.