Gmail Mark Read Button [not working]

By Tom Spear Last update Nov 7, 2006 — Installed 2,618 times.

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Jesse Andrews Admin

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wolfgrrl User

I would be forever grateful if this could be fixed. I miss it!

hans212 User

Yes please fix it !!

Puffito User

that's correct,it doesn't work on the new gmail 2.0.Fix pretty please? :P

Holliday Scriptwright

This script doesn't seem to work anymore with gmail's latest updates.

Jason Karns Scriptwright

I seem to have found a bug with this script. When composing a message, the select box for choosing an email account to send from is shrunk in size by about half (width-wise).

Kirby Torres User

liked the script... only thing though is that the button is smaller than the gmail buttons

Tom Spear Script's Author

The aforementioned bugs have been worked out and the script now works for both the top and bottom bars. This was achieved by shrinking the font size of the displayed items. Fully read the description if it still wraps for you.

Tom Spear Script's Author

In case you didnt see it in the description: There is a bug I am working on that causes this to not work on the bottom control bar in some folders, while working fine in other ones. As soon as I have a chance I will fix this and update the script.