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Jesse Andrews Admin

The following is an archive of comments made before threaded discussions was implemented (November 16th, 2008)

BladeDragoon User

boas pessoal,

o meu script do map deixou de funcionar assim de repente ele continua a aumentar mas n aparece nenhuma aldeia.
É muito estranho alguem sabe como posso resolver este problema foi mesmo assim de repente num dia tava a dar fixe no outro dia parou de dar...
Obrigado pela vossa atençao...
Aguardo uma resposta.

DMaster Scriptwright

glad i could help..
i dont know any scripting but somehow i can read it.. never figured out how exacly..
it does "fix" the fast dial issue but it produce the error metioned..
its the best i came out with.
after countless changes to the script itself, this is the only thing that made it work with the "fast dial" add-on

7OH User

Thanks. It show popup error message ("URL недействителен и не может быть загружен")|("URL broken and cannt be loaded")
and than show big map in a new window :)

DMaster Scriptwright

i think i figured out a way to do around it

locate this line:
win ='', c_id, 'top=100,left=25,width=975,height=550');
and change it to this:
win ='//', c_id, 'top=100,left=25,width=975,height=550');

it causes an error to apear just before it loades the popup .. but after you click OK your map will load !!!

DMaster Scriptwright

dont work with fast dial..
the pop up opens up and starting to show green but then it goes to the fast dial page "about:blank"
can you fix it ? its very important ..

isedo Scriptwright

it works fine with ae server

Mabo User

very very nice :)


NguyenTuVuong User

Hi, may you create a script help us demolish unnecessary building? Please

7OH User

No - window have opened. But I use very useful addon for Mozilla - "Fast dial". It put on clear page graphical links to sites, in opera 9.5 it present too.
If I turn "Fast Dial" off - i can see big map :) . But in that case i must write many links by self (in Fast Dial i have all my travian sites - i play on many different servers).
Try to install this addon.

Capitao User


Vê se dá pra colocar pra funcionar o SCAN MAP do script Travian Beyond Hacked FR

Ia ficar uma beleza se vc pudesse enfiar o código do scan map no teu travian map :-)


Joca Script's Author

This script works fine.
You only have to put your window in the travian map, then enlarge it.
What is the problem?

7OH User

Can you fix some problem ?
Your script have some problem with firefox extension "FastDial" - map didn't shown.

Sargento User

Boa noite.
Muito bom este script.
Funciona perfeitamente.
Desde já agradeço seu esforço empenho e dedicação.
Abraço e felicidades.

acalderon User


Does your script know when you are using a custom graphics pack?


Capitao User


Perfeito. Funciona que é uma beleza.
Meus parabéns por compartilhar essa belezoca :>

Obs: bota o texto em inglês também pro pessoal de fora poder entender.

grande abraço.

For all out there: this great shit works perfectly fine!

Joca Script's Author

Deixem os vossos comentários ;)

O que é Nacional é bom!!!

Atenção este script não funciona bem com o script QP

(Cliquem em "favorite this script " logo em baixo de Install this script - Infelizmente só dá com users registados )

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