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chyuzh User

U can akso use E.M. Youtube video download tool to download, convert , search, burn, repair and play any video from youtube or any other video websites.

Works perfect as this script.

GMLee Scriptwright

Cannot download a large video like this

But for the small one, it works fine

dkhal Scriptwright

mine works with 8 formats option

Silver_Knee User

The Script doesn't work because the website it asks for downloading ist offline.

Jusi open the script and search for "http://flashload..." and replace it with: ""

I made good experience with


keepvid&flashload&all the others work all the same: they open the youtube site...or youst the player of this site and return the direct download link...

dkhal Scriptwright

i like this script
no fence but check my youtube catcher MP3, FLV, MP4
it automatically gets the urls too and has been tested on more than 50 videos

NightKev User

The script doesn't work, there's no download link.

w35l3y Scriptwright

flashload seems not to be working anymore :/

JoeSimmons Scriptwright

Version: 1.7cm what?

Ashok Raj Giri User

Thanks for your good work
I installed this script.It worked well to almost youtube videos but still cannot work on some pages of you tube videos like
can i get any help?

123max User

Help me....

I'm using a script(name: youtube video download) to dl videos from youtube in mp4 format. I copied a lot of
mp4 video's link in notepad. After two days I tried to dl these mp4 videos using IDM in batch download method. At that time I got an error message 'Cannot download this file. Details: HTTP/1.1410 Gone'. What is the reason 4 this error message . Please help me. Is there any tool or script that fulfill my need which I explained above?

sarah112 User

I would recommend you use these tools:
YouTube Downloader and Converter
.Download and convert videos from YouTube, RedTube, YouPorn, Yahoo, Veoh, Dailymotion etc.
Download YouTube Videos
YouTube Downloader for Mac
These tool can not only help you download YouTube but can help you convert YouTube videos to MP4, and Convert YouTube videos to MP3.Also you can insert YouTube videos into PowerPoint and make a great presentation.

KayKay Script's Author

Dear Jonney,

As mentioned, the download doesn't open in a new popup, which is allways uncool. It opens in a layered popup, which can be closed again very easy and fast!

Bes regards,

Jonny Scriptwright

What does the latest update do?

KayKay Script's Author

Hey Joey V,

KeepVID is not as good as to download Videos from the internet... for that reason I see no sense for implementing it into a greasemonkey script..

Thanks & Best regards,

Joey V Scriptwright

Hi, I am recently new to javascript and was trying to adapt this script to use KeepVID as a personal project and I am having problems getting my script to locate YouTube's video_id. Is it possible that you could share with me how you did it?


Joey V

KayKay Script's Author

Hey Joe,

I thought about creating a userscript for all sites supported at FlashLoad, but FlashLoad offers a great extention to do exactly this:

May I'll adapt the coding accordingly.

Best regards,

JoeSimmons Scriptwright

Nice, but I modified it to use for high quality, regular quality, and mp4 versions of the video. It'd be great if you added an option to use a certain site, or made a different one for it. Mine doesn't remove all the variables like &features and all the other ones, just &fmt=18

KayKay Script's Author

Hey Virzin,

Well, has nothing to do with my script, but thanks anyways...

Best regards

KayKay Script's Author

Hey mrmandude1121,

Yea quite simple... Take a look at:

Thanks & Best regards,

mrmandude1121 User

hey KayKay, do you think you can change the link at the top of the youtube page under account>my videos, so that instead o taking you to .../my_videos2 to the original .../my_videos . the new my videos page sucks, and the old one still works

KayKay Script's Author

Hey hosts!

Thanks for your information, you were totally right! Corrected the path and changed the update source to:

@wowBomb... Sorry dude! The site is totally crap and doesn't work either! Use my script and you're completely fine!

Thanks & Best regards,

hosts Scriptwright

You have an error in the update function
every day the script is searching for an update and "Installed times" is getting +1, because you make a GM_xmlhttpRequest for so every day each user is making +1 "Installed times"

KayKay Script's Author

Hey Virzin... Using my script or seems a bit easier for me... :-)

KayKay Script's Author

Thanks! I've made the change accordingly! :-)