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Jesse Andrews Admin

The following is an archive of comments made before threaded discussions was implemented (November 16th, 2008)

David Regev Scriptwright

Thank you for halving my keystrokes. Instead of using “,”, however, it would be great if I could continue using “j” (in the expanded view). So, I have a request: could you make the script intercept “j” instead and send Google Reader a “m” followed by “j”? (The same would be nice for “k” too.)


alala Scriptwright

Hi, can anyone confirm whether the bug reported by Gautham Pai on Apr 29 2008 has been fixed? :)

Gautham Pai Scriptwright

I noticed a bug in the code.

If some items are marked as read and some are not, and I press Shift + U, it basically toggles the 'read' state of the entries.

This should not happen.

.crypto Scriptwright

2 Spencer Thiel
> there is no mouse wheel on a laptop or on most macs
I think #000000hA7 was right, my script have keyboard shortcuts look at script homepage, because i constantly use GR on mine laptop.

./, or wheel down/up: item scan down/up with mark as read

And i can replace mouse wheel by touch pad.

Gautham Pai Scriptwright

This is pretty cool.

I will point to this script for new users.

Evaristo User

re:Spencer Thiel
It works perfect!
Thanks so much.

Spencer Thiel Script's Author

evaristo: The newest version of the script does what you want. It is a little cludgy since it moves around the view a bit, but it works.

Spencer Thiel Script's Author

re: evaristo
That shouldn't be a problem. I will implement soon.

Spencer Thiel Script's Author

re: #000000hA7
1) there is no mouse wheel on a laptop or on most macs
2) this script had shortcomings when it comes to list view

#000000hA7 User


It's your time...

Evaristo User

How about marking all items BELOW and including the currently selected item as read?