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Nothing Is Deleting. Debug Mode. Login Error? FireFox 26.0

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JosephBone User

I ran this at 8PM tonight. I asked to delete everything within a time frame: older than 14 hours and younger than 4 days.

As the script progresses, the number next to the script's button increases.

But from what I can see nothing is getting deleted.

I edited the code to always enable debug.

I opened the console from the FireFox menu and re-ran the script.

Isn't this an error telling us that Facebook thinks that I am not logged in? But I was seriously logged in.

Here is a snip from the console:

"for (;;);{"__ar":1,"error":1357001,"errorSummary":"Not Logged In","errorDescription":"Please log in to continue.","payload":{"__dialog":{"title":{"__html":"Not Logged In"},"body":{"__html":"Please log in to continue."},"buttons":[{"name":"login","label":"Log In","handler":"goURI(\"https:\\\/\\\/www.facebook.com\\\/login.php?next=https\\u00253A\\u00252F\\u00252Fwww.facebook.com\\u00252Fmy.vanity.user.name.URL.goes.here\\u00252Fallactivity\", true);"}],"modal":true,"onloadRegister":["setInterval(function () {\n if (getCookie(\"c_user\") || getCookie(\"csm\")) {\n window.location.reload();\n }}, 5000);"]}},"js":["1EWrA","0lPjX"],"bootloadable":{},"resource_map":{"1EWrA":{"type":"js","crossOrigin":1,"src":"https:\/\/fbstatic-a.akamaihd.net\/rsrc.php\/v2\/y9\/r\/sdxw22bscRd.js"},"0lPjX":{"type":"js","crossOrigin":1,"src":"https:\/\/fbstatic-a.akamaihd.net\/rsrc.php\/v2\/yc\/r\/NhbFbtTvr5R.js"}},"ixData":[]}" 151426.user.js:404
20:07:59.806 "Deleted: 490357081077008"

Any ideas? Anyone?

EDIT: 1. code block. 2. Added I am running the November 21, 2013 version.

Jack and Jil... User

Having the same issue on Chrome. I let the script run for a couple hours, the number gets up to 108ish. I close the browser and come back to activity log and nothing has been deleted.

LaraL User

I think this script is broken! It won't delete anything on my page at all. Sometimes the counter goes up, and everything is very slow, but it did not delete one thing on my timeline.

LaraL User

Posting again - I desperately wish this would be fixed, now it's not even showing up on the facebook activity log at all.

Oneduality Script's Author

@JosephBone the script errors are saying you're not logged in, that is actually FACEBOOK saying you're not logged in as the script attempts to execute the commands against the server.. that really makes no sense..

I know you mentioned using firefox.. are you running any other extensions? and what platform are you using? mac or pc?

As I recently mentioned I personally used it today to clear over 300 posts .. running Chrome on Windows 7