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guy6 User

can this script be used without greasemonkey?

Joca Scriptwright

I cant select the hero when he's not around.

The problem is when i send the hero with the troops.
I cant sheddule the new attack with the hero, because it is not avaliale in the rally point.

See this at:

Imagem hospedada por

and then...i send the hero in attack! Now where's the hero to schedule??

Imagem hospedada por

Gullifer User

Hi all,

I have tired this Task Queue Scripts on but it seems have problem, after i scheduled the soldiers to attack someone, the task failed to to load... all the soldiers still stay in town. Please let me know if anyone have sugguestion. Thanks.

Steffno S User


I have made an Excel spreadsheet were I put in Main building level, and then I get the correct time when to start building in the fields...

I would like a function where I can copy in a list like this:

Date & Time - Field - Type of production

2008/06/24 12:05:00 2 Cropland level 1
2008/06/24 12:10:00 8 Cropland level 1
2008/06/24 12:15:00 9 Cropland level 1
2008/06/24 12:20:00 12 Cropland level 1
2008/06/24 12:25:00 13 Cropland level 1
2008/06/24 12:30:00 15 Cropland level 2
2008/06/24 12:35:00 2 Cropland level 2
2008/06/24 12:44:50 8 Cropland level 2
2008/06/24 12:54:40 9 Cropland level 2
2008/06/24 13:04:30 12 Cropland level 2
2008/06/24 13:14:20 13 Cropland level 2
2008/06/24 13:24:10 15 Cropland level 3
2008/06/24 13:34:00 2 Cropland level 3
2008/06/24 13:51:30 8 Cropland level 3
2008/06/24 14:09:00 9 Cropland level 3
2008/06/24 14:26:30 12 Cropland level 3
2008/06/24 14:44:00 13 Cropland level 3
2008/06/24 15:01:30 15 Cropland level 3
2008/06/24 15:19:00 5 Clay Pit level 1
2008/06/24 15:25:10 6 Clay Pit level 1
2008/06/24 15:31:20 16 Clay Pit level 1
2008/06/24 15:37:30 18 Clay Pit level 1
2008/06/24 15:43:40 1 Woodcutter level 1
2008/06/24 15:50:30 3 Woodcutter level 1
2008/06/24 15:57:20 14 Woodcutter level 1
2008/06/24 16:04:10 17 Woodcutter level 1
2008/06/24 16:11:00 4 Iron Mine level 1
2008/06/24 16:21:00 7 Iron Mine level 1
2008/06/24 16:31:00 10 Iron Mine level 1
2008/06/24 16:41:00 11 Iron Mine level 1

Is it possible to have an paste option?

THX for a great script!

kumryung User

This is korean scripts.

	case "kr": // korean by keumryong( )
		aLangBuildings = ["", "벌목장", "점토 광산", "철광산", "농지", "제재소", "벽돌공장", "제련소", "제분소", "제과점", "창고", "곡물창고", "대장간", "병기고", "투기장", "주건물", "집결지", "장터", "대사관", "병영", "마구간", "공방", "연구소", "비밀창고", "마을회관", "저택", "궁전", "보물창고", "교역사무소", "대병영", "대마구간", "City Wall", "Earth Wall", "Palisade", "석공소", "Brewery", "함정", "영웅 저택", "대창고", "대곡물창고", "불가사의"];
		aLangTasks = ["건설", "업그레이드", "공격", "연구", "병영"];
		aLangStrings = ["건설 스케쥴링", "업그레이드 스케쥴링", "공격 스케쥴링", "연구 스케쥴링", "Schedule this task for later.", "건물을 짓기 시작합니다. : ", " was attempted with unknown result.", "레벨", " 을(를) 건설 할 수 없습니다.", " 을(를) 업그레이드 할 수 없습니다.", "다음 작업이 스케쥴에 추가되었습니다.", "Current production:", "We can't schedule this task right now.", "Task scheduling is not available!", "스케쥴링 리스트", "삭제", "나중에 공격(스케쥴링)", "No troops were selected.", "Your troops were sent to", "Your troops could not be sent to", "대상 ID", "Attack", "Raid", "Catapults will aim at", "random", "시간", "또는 타이머", "초", "분", "시", "일", "Spy for resources and troops", "Spy for troops and defenses", "away", "공격을 할 수 없습니다. 하나 이상의 유닛을 지정해 주세요.", "페이지 ID : ", "정렬:", "종류 ", "시간 ", "target ", "옵션 ", "마을 ", "작업 내역", "작업 내역 삭제", "연구를 시작합니다 : ", " 연구를 할수 없습니다."];
		aLangTroops[0] = ["군단병", "근위병", "제국병", "수색 기병", "황제 기병", "제국 기병", "공성추", "불 투석기", "원로원 의원", "정착민", "영웅"];  //Romans
		aLangTroops[1] = ["봉병", "창병", "도끼병", "척후병", "팔라딘", "튜턴 기사", "튜턴 기사", "투석기", "우두머리", "정착민", "영웅"];  //Teutons
		aLangTroops[2] = ["팔랑크스", "검사", "정탐꾼", "튜테이트 썬더", "드루이드 라이더", "해두안", "공성추", "투석기", "족장", "정착민", "영웅"];  //Gauls

Andrada6 User

Good job. I think this script is the best for travian!

Also a command like Full demolish would be great.
Or Demolish X levels.

Also.. I have a question..
If Firefox is closed or crashes, the enque list isn't saved? or it happens only to me?

And.. another thing if it can be done as fast as it could be done..
If my sitter or my co-player enter the account then logs out wth the log out cmd, it will log out me too.
If you can test this before executing a cmd.. or anyhow and log me in (with my information lready entered at the login and pswd cause I use remember function) would be great.

Thanx again

BmW User

when you click on a building it should type Upgrade Later or in Barracks Train Later and so on... :)

lilu* User

Any1? How do I use this? I installed and all I have is nothing!


MindTwister Scriptwright

Any1? How do I use this? I installed and all I have is nothing!

BmW User

By Train Later it types -> Counldnt be build but it did build what i clicked :)

BmW User

I dont know what you have fixed but Autotransport is still not working :P

MindTwister Scriptwright

Sorry for the newbie question, Where do I manage my tasks?

Roman00 User

Still can't sending romans' troops after modify with worryboy script. Can anyone fix it ?

worryboy, would it be possible to share your updated version to everyone ?

I play in s1 hk.

worryboy User

Who have problems with sending troops ..

As br1ide wrote ..
(thanks to him)
The first is this
The second is the last version from this page
i had the same problem and compared these scripts (reverse engineering;))

i think it was only a problem for romans.

.. the solution is easy ..
look for

if( iRace != false && ( iRace != iMyRace || getOption("SCOUT_UNIT", false, "integer") == false ) ) {

change it to

if( (iRace==0 || iRace != false) && ( iRace != iMyRace || getOption("SCOUT_UNIT", false, "integer") == false ) ) {

it worked for me ;)

cheers worry

1100011CS User

not working. server 7

joe7635 User

I cant send troop in s4 hk. Pls. fix it

BmW User

Auto-Transport isnt working :)

askgdb User

how can i put this in the cript

this is Greek Language...

case "gr":
aLangBuildings = ["", "Ξυλοκόπος", "Λάκκος με πηλό", "Ορυχείο σιδήρου", "Αγρόκτημα σιταριού", "Πριονιστήριο", "Πηλοποιείο", "Σιδηρουργείο", "Μύλος Σιταριού", "Αρτοποιείο", "Αποθήκη πρώτων υλών", "Σιταποθήκη", "Οπλοποιείο", "Πανοπλοποιείο", "Χώρος αθλημάτων", "Κεντρικό κτήριο", "Πλατεία συγκεντρώσεως", "Αγορά", "Πρεσβεία", "Στρατόπεδο", "Στάβλος", "Εργαστήριο", "Ακαδημία", "Κρυψώνα", "Δημαρχείο", "Μέγαρο", "Παλάτι", "Θησαυροφυλάκιο", "Εμπορικό Γραφείο", "Μεγάλο στρατόπεδο", "Μεγάλος στάβλος", "Τείχος", "Χωματένιο τείχος", "Τεἰχος με πἀσαλους", "Εργαστήριο πέτρας", "Ζυθοποιία", "Άτομο που στήνει παγίδες", "Περιοχή ηρώων", "Μεγάλη αποθήκη", "Μεγάλη σιταποθήκη", "Παγκόσμιο θαύμα"];
aLangTasks = ["Κατασκευή", "Αναβάθμιση", "Επίθεση", "Έρευνα", "Εκπαίδευση","Αποστολή Πρώτων Υλών"];
aLangStrings = ["Κατασκευή Αργότερα", "Αναβάθμιση Αργότερα", "Επίθεση Αργότερα", "Έρευνα Αργότερα", "Πραγραμματισμός Εργασίας Για Αργότερα.", "Ξεκίνησε Κατασκευή", " Επιχειρηθείς Με Άγνωστο Αποτέλεσμα.", "Επίπεδο", " Δεν Μπορεί Να Κατασκευαστεί.", " Δεν Μπορεί Να Αναβαθμιστεί.", "Η Εργασία Πραγραμματίστικε .", "Παραγωγή:", "Δεν Μπορεί Να Πραγραμματισθεί Αυτή Η Εργασία Τώρα.", "Ο Πραγραμματισμός Εργασίας Δεν Είναι Διαθέσιμος!", "Πραγραμματισμένες Εργασίες", "Διαγραφή", "Αποστολή Αργότερα", "Η Επίθεση Δεν Μπορεί Να Προγραμματισθεί Επειδή Δεν Επιλέχθηκαν Στρατιώτες.", "Οι Στρατιώτες Στάλθηκαν", "Οι Στρατιώτες Δεν Μπόρεσαν Να Σταλούν", "Ενίσχυσεις", "Επίθεση", "Εισβολή Αρπαγής", "Οι Καταπέλτες Θα Στοχέυσουν Σε", "Τυχαία", "Σε", "ή Μετά", "Δευτερόλεπτα", "Λεπτά", "Ώρες", "Μέρες", "Ανίχνευση Πρώτων Υλών Και Στρατευμάτων", "Ανίχνευση Οχύρωσης Και Στρατευμάτων", "Μακριά", "Η Επίθεση Δεν Μπορεί Να Προγραμματισθεί Επειδή Δεν Ορίστικαν Συντεταγμένες ή Όνομα Χωριού.", "Σε Θέση.", "Ταξινόμηση Κατά:", "Τύπο ", "Χρόνο ", "Στόχο ", "Επιλογές ", "Χωριό ","ή Επανάληψη ","Φορές ","Διαφυγή Από "];
aLangTroops[0] = ["Λεγεωνάριος", "Πραιτωριανός", "Ιμπεριανός", "Equites Legati", "Equites Imperatoris", "Equites Caesaris", "Πολιορκητικός Κριός", "Καταπέλτης Φωτιάς", "Γερουσιαστής", "Άποικος", "Ήρωας"]; //Ρωμαίοι
aLangTroops[1] = ["Μαχητής Με Ρόπαλο", "Μαχητής Με Ακόντιο", "Μαχητής Με Τσεκούρι", "Ανιχνευτής", "Παλατινός", "Τεύτονας Ιππότης", "Πολιορκητικός Κριός", "Καταπέλτης", "Φύλαρχος", "Άποικος", "Ήρωας"]; //Τεύτονες
aLangTroops[2] = ["Φάλανξ", "Μαχητής Με Ξίφος", "Ανιχνευτής", "Αστραπή Του Τουτατή", "Δρουίδης", "Ιδουανός", "Πολιορκητικός Κριός", "Πολεμικός Καταπέλτης", "Αρχηγός", "Άποικος", "Ήρωας"]; //Γαλάτες

askgdb User

pls can someone tell me exactly what this script do? i thought that you can shcedule some constructs to do automatically but i can't see the add to do this or it's not working in me. pls answer

aiman User

This script is really cool, thank you very much.

Can you please add some sort of 'Build: As soon as possible' feature?

I mean, that a building is being build as soon as you got enough resources and as soon as all previous tasks have been completed.
Then you could easily set up ten tasks without having to care about anything...

grooving User

Nothing happens with this under, may i help you translating anything to spanish?

Germanus User

it doesn't wokr for me on the server

Joca Scriptwright

I cant select the hero when he's not around.

The problem is when i send the hero with the troops.
I cant sheddule the new attack with the hero, because it is not avaliale in the rally point.

See this at:

Joca Scriptwright

I cant sending hero even if currently he is not in the village