Favicons for Google Reader

By sethaurus Last update Nov 17, 2009 — Installed 395,872 times.

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Jesse Andrews Admin

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Capi Etheriel Scriptwright

how many times does it request the favicons form servers? it seems to be refreshing all the time...

harryxu User

So great! I love it so much!!

Cryptonium User

Great script, thanks!

It added the only thing I missed when I left Bloglines.

Chorizotarian User

This is sweet!

Peternl User

Great script thank you.

But I have the same problem with it as dupola.

dupola Scriptwright

Well, one question,I see someone don't use the normal URL for favicon file,somebody's like this:
<link href="http://domain.com/images/favicon.ico" />

I see this script could not get the right file,now there still show the default icon by Google Reader.

Then, I see someone's icon file is not favicon.ico,they use favicon.gif etc.

Can you fix the 2 problem?


dupola Scriptwright

Great! I really like it.

Thanks very much!

Jeton User

As Jesse said, someone might have simply used an update script. But anyway the script is great, and you're on the top list . ;-)

sethaurus Script's Author

I don't think there's any way the installation numbers for this script could be correct. The comment to install ratio is impossible and the script has only been around for a couple of months

iHock User

is it possible for this script to work with the mac os x skin?

Jeton User

Oh, i see. Tricking is bad!

Thanks for explaining tough.

Jesse Andrews Admin

The stats are how many times someone has requested the install page. Some people game the numbers or have update scripts that don't check for updates properly.

Jeton User

Installed 269346 times. ?
Are these stats for real? I love the script, but this is a really big number of installs.

Here's one more suggestion for userscripts: Fix the stats ;)

Jeton User

Excellent! Thanks.

chump9 User

great. good work!

sethaurus Script's Author

@georgie: I added your idea to the script, and it does indeed look better when feeds revert to the default icon rather than having no icon at all. Thanks for the suggestion!

bwaldron User

Yep, that fixed things for me. Thanks!

sethaurus Script's Author

@bwaldron: Ok, I've fixed the https problem once and for all. Now it works exactly the same regardless of protocol.

bwaldron User

I have installed the (latest version of the) script, and it works fine for http: but not for https:

When I use the secure URL to access Google Reader, Greasemonley properly indicates that the script is active, but I see only the generic feed icons.

sethaurus Script's Author

@Eugene Schava:
Your suggestion is very astute, and it's true that the URLs of the feeds themselves are stored on the page; however there are actually two different URLs of interest: the feed URL and the html-representation URL. Many feeds are served by a site like Feedburner, and if the inline URL on the page is used for retrieving favicons, these feeds will display www.feedburner.com/favicon rather than the favicon of the originating site. Loading the export OPML file every time the Reader page loads is certainly cumbersome, but it is the only way to load all of the *originating* feed domains, which are contained in the htmlUrl attributes of the OPML entries.

Eugene Schava Scriptwright

Just a suggestion:
instead of downloading full opml file every time you can get feed url from link, parent to icon, e.g.

a = icon.parentNode;
var hrefMatch = a.href.match(/\/reader\/view\/feed\/(https?%3A%2F%2F[\w\.\-]+)/);
if (hrefMatch)
feedDomain = decodeURIComponent(hrefMatch[1]);
icon.src = feedDomain + '/favicon.ico';

sethaurus Script's Author

@Joe Lencioni: Thanks for the suggestion. I have updated the script to fix this problem.

Joe Lencioni Scriptwright

Good script. The only suggestion I have so far is that it would be nice to make it compatible with "https://www.google.*/reader*/view*"

Osias Scriptwright

Great script! Congratulations!

Do you think I can alter the script to create a "sort by unread items"?