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Jesse Andrews Admin

Discussions about how we should improve the flagging feature should happen here...

Howard Scriptwright

so how does it work? is there a threshold flag number where comments/scripts above that number become quarantined/deleted?

Jesse Andrews Admin

Right now it is all manual. I have a feed that I will check several times a day.

Regarding scripts that are just lame, perhaps if a script is flagged (enough) it should be hidden from search/index - unless you select an advanced show all?

Things like deleting non-obvious spam scripts (ones that aren't duplicates/copies of others) will be hard to do until we get a policy worked out.

sizzlemctwizzle Scriptwright

Can you change the link to "Flag as Spam" instead? the first time I saw it I thought it meant the comment had been flagged as spam. changing the link might prevent any confusion.

Jesse Andrews Admin

Changed it to have "as" - thanks

Howard Scriptwright

how about a "flag user" feature? some of these comments/scripts are submitted by the same user multiple times.

maybe a user flagged enough by others should have their commenting/add script ability suspended for x days.

Descriptor Scriptwright

Unfortunately, "Flag as spam" makes the text wrap. Maybe it should be smaller.

>Edit: Looks like it only wraps some of the time, when it's forced to. Didn't notice that everything wraps, such as "Script's author" around the gravatar.

Matthew P. Scriptwright

Would it be possible to show if you've already flagged a script as spam without having to attempt flagging it first? Maybe hide the link or show a short message in place of the link?

Also, an option to hide items you've flagged from the browse/search list would be nice too, and possibly a notice if someone has marked a script as spam/harmful - maybe even with a count of how many users.

Just some thoughts. Thanks for all the work you do. :)

sizzlemctwizzle Scriptwright

"Flag as Spam" links shouldn't appear on your own scripts and comments.

Matthew P. Scriptwright

Agreed with sizzlemctwizzle. Nothing major, but a slight annoyance.

Jesse Andrews Admin

I had hoped to deploy some changes that sizzle, howard, and matthew recommended... but time is running in this weird cycle - I cannot get any of it! I'm insanely busy :(

I promise I will refine this feature this week! If it kills me!

Al's scr... Scriptwright

Is there a way to un-mark your script's spam flag? Someone wrote in the comment of one of my scripts that they accidentally marked it as spam and apologized. Or perhaps this isn't necessary.. i.e. is there some minimum number of times a script will need to be marked as spam before the admin removes it?

znerp Scriptwright

I've probably already read this somewhere or just skimmed past it somehow, but are there plans to implement the flagging content feature for the forums as well as the scripts/comments?

pw Scriptwright

I can't figure out what flagging does. The scripts still show up in my list, with no indication that I flagged them. So what's the point of flagging?

Arvid Scriptwright

The point of flagging is to make the admins review that script and remove it if it is malicious.

pw Scriptwright

So flagging 'scrap' scripts is a waste of time? You must be reviewing a heck of a lot of scripts that you don't remove - maybe you could specify some criteria for flagging (truly malicious, not just annoying) to avoid having to review all that scrap (and have less risk that a truly malicious script slips through).

ironside User

I presume the more users that flag up a script the chances are that the admins will remove it ?

If only a handful of users are flagging up scripts then it may not make a noticably differece.

So if we all pulled together and flagged up scripts which are malicous or just repeatedly spamming the site then maybe a difference may be seen ?

It's a community effort after all

Descriptor Scriptwright

That was the idea I was trying to get across in this post

Howard Scriptwright

i'm not sure this report function is working too well. there're over 50 pages of spam reports now and the scrap all scripts are still very abundant on the recent scripts page.

perhaps a more aggressive approach is needed? maybe admins should ban those users?

gollum Scriptwright

I realize that the admin's have real jobs[a life!], and this collection site is just a service they kindly provide ... but surely it's gotten to the stage where the amount of spamming by repeat offenders is becoming just a touch embarrassing.

So for heavens sake, either do something like making some of those excellent filter scripts 'sticky', or put up a banner saying...
"This site is being overtaken by spammers - just keeping paging through the results, you'll find something worthwhile eventually (we hope!)"
/end rant

Jesse Andrews Admin

Trust me gollum, I am very embarrassed.

I really wish I had more time in the day. While the spam is still here, but everything flagged will be dealt with. My winter vacation will be dedicated to working on this issue.

I'm working almost non-stop trying to finish up some projects so I can get time time to work on this.

It is a fine line - I don't want an editorial role, nor do I want to censor. I want to build tools so the communities can self police. But that takes time. And that is what I don't have for the next 2 weeks :(


gollum Scriptwright

Damn, life and responsibilities getting in the way of a hobbies/interest :LOL: ... yeah life can be like that.

Just glad to hear that the devaluing won't be allowed to continue.

Howard Scriptwright

thought of a possible feature:

a page listing all the scripts flagged as spam or malicious, sorted by # of flags. other users can come here and flag the top scripts if they haven't.

this'll mean as a spam script goes up the flag # ladder, it'll get flagged more and more, making it more noticeable to admins.

The Dot Scriptwright

well heres my thoughts. some of its probably been said before and some perhaps being developed right now but im just going to summarize it and say it anyway. ;)

1. even if the scrap guys go away theres still a chance of other spam popping up.

2. the admins cant possibly be expected to deal with all the spam alone how much ever time they do (or dont) have. also, *if* a better solution can be found, its probably a major waste of time trying to read through everything trying to identify whats really spam and what isnt for the admins.

heres my ideas for an alternative thing.

1. users should be given more control over what action is actually taken. right now we can mark something as spam, that something referring to scripts and comments. but this merely adds the thing to the list and actually does nothing but bring it to an admin's attention.

2. we should be allowed to spam USERS. if enough scripts/comments of a particular user are spammed they should somehow affect the spam rating of that user as well.

3. users with a certain spam level should have their accounts deactivated (just deactivated not deleted and maybe for a certain period of time only). these users can then approach admins to activate their account again. this way admins arent filtering people out, theyre filtering people in. the advantage is that spam users wouldnt generally contact an admin and if the system is fast enough any new spam account created will also be deactivated just as fast. also the admins would possible have less work to do.

4. scripts with a certain spam level or perhaps by a certain spam user shouldnt appear in the main script listing. perhaps a filter by spam rating thing would be useful. comments with a certain spam level shouldnt be shown. a really nice implementation i found was the comments display on songbird's site. click on any one of their addons' description and you'll know what i mean. link: http://addons.songbirdnest.com/

5. the owners of a particular scripts should have more control over what comments they mark as spam under that script. i cant think of exactly how much control they should have (because someone might use it to filter out comments they find unreasonable that isnt spam at all) but maybe that would help. (not really clear on whether this would be useful or on the implementation details though.)

6. to prevent the possibility of spam users wrongly spamming another legitimate user, users with a certain spam level should not be allowed to spam other users/scripts or alternatively, their rating should count less.

7. this doesnt really affect democracy or anything like that in any way. it just divides users into two groups. one that the community thinks is spam and one that isnt full of spam users. the latter group gets to do stuff equally, and the former doesnt unless they contact an admin and get their account reactivated (or until the time limit expires)

8. things rated as spam should be viewed in atleast two ways: one like the current view (according to time reported), and another according to number of spam reports that a particular script/comment/user has recieved. Not only could the admin use this to find real spam real fast, but it would also enable the community to better filter it out. further the admins would be able to take action against the users causing most havoc first.

9. on the spam items page, reports of a same thing should be clubbed together. as in if two people report a script, it should be listed only once with both their comments under it.

10. a 'report as spam' link/button should be placed in more places but less conspicuously. (less conspicuously because they sortof mar the otherwise nice interface ;) ). what im thinking of is a little button next to every script on the browse scripts page that lets users mark it as spam. this *shouldnt* distract from the browsing or anything. it should just quietly mark the item as spam i.e. while browsing we can just keep hitting spam and continue with our browsing without much interruption.

11. bots do the same thing again and again. such patterns could be picked up. like it would be nice if the server would detect spam comments, especially the ones with the same text again and again in different scripts. once such spam is detected perhaps all the comments and the user could be automatically marked as spam by the system.

12. perhaps we could 'rate' scripts. this way we could view scripts by rating. also, low rating would automatically be filtered. again, this could be like songbird's comment thing. also look at nabble's way of letting the community monitor spam.

okay... i think im done with my blah blahing...

okay yeah *AND*...

1. i know that this isnt really easy to implement but i know it can be done. not maybe in a really short while but at least over a longer period of time. also im not suggesting that its really easy to do or that i could do it. im just saying there are people who know enough here to do it. (and im not suggesting that they *should* be doing it either). basically im not suggesting anything so dont get all offended or anything (really dunno for what but then what the hell)

2. these are just ideas. i know theyre specific implementations. ive just written them because they might suggest other (perhaps better) implementations to somebody else.

3. i might not be able to check this thread often or anything. in fact i might forget it altogether (okay not really likely but it *is* a *possibility* ;) ) so dont take offence at that either ;)

4. oh... if your wondering why ive even written this much of (weird? ;) ) stuff... well i dont know either.

5. okay and while im at it, could we have an option to resize this compose black frame or whatever it is? that would be useful.