Youtube Video in High Quality

By Keshav Gupta Last update Jul 17, 2008 — Installed 4,037 times.

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Jesse Andrews Admin

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Avindra V.G. Scriptwright

Nice! Radiohead :)

I have these suggestions for the script (Link here).

I put it in the function wrapper so that the script doesn't load the link if it's not on the HQ page.

mk.2 User

I've tried many newer scripts, this one is still the best.

Jasked User

Awesome script! Thanks!

Keshav Gupta Script's Author

are you sure you have installed the script?[install greasemonkey->install script]
the download tab must be immediately visible as you can see in the first screenshot!

Strohmie User

where is the Download Video tab. i dont see it???

Keshav Gupta Script's Author


Jenn9219 User

this is amazing!! Thank you.
Not i don't have to use :lol: