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Jesse Andrews Admin

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greasefury Scriptwright

Thank you for your great script! I just added it to my dummy_free_fm4_notes script.
Great how easy to use it is!

Jarett Script's Author

Cool, thanks.

Mario Huys Scriptwright

Because updating timestamps by hand is tedious, I've made the "Script Timestamp Updater" script ( ). Each time you "manually" edit a script and save it, it will update the version_timestamp variable. Does not work when uploading a script file.

Contains its own Script Update Checker snippet, so anyone who downloads it will be duly informed of any updates. Note the extra 'if(version_timestamp){...}' around the Checker code. As the script developer I don't want to be informed of any updates, hence my master copy has version_timestamp set to 0 and the extra if() takes care of the rest. Could also be done by setting an extremely high timestamp, but I like to make things explicit.

Edit: Now also updates the script number. It's now ok to set both variables to 0 in your master script, and leave the rest to the script. If you upload from file, after saving return once more to the 'Edit source' page and push the Save button again to ensure that these variables are correctly updated.

jesus2099 Scriptwright

Hi Jarett !

I'm using Opera which does not have support for GM_* functions. As you script is nice it's getting spread in many other scripts now.

Maybe you would like to add a try { … } catche(e) {} around the function updateCheck(forced) { … in order not to make those scripts fail, even if they would be Opera friendly otherwise (ie. not using any GM_* function).

Example: MusicBrainz Subscriptions

Astaroth Scriptwright

I'm start using your script with a less modification in my "BattleKnight Autologin" Script ( ).

Vaughan Chan... Scriptwright

Hi, thanks a lot for this script. I started using it in my script Facebook Fixer today ( ) and I included a links to your profile and to this script. I would greatly appreciate a link back in your "scripts using update checker" section. Thanks :)

Jarett Script's Author

Thanks! I think both of those are useful additions. I was also going to change it to take the user to the script page instead of the actual script if it's hosted on; that way they can see what changes have been made to the script before they upgrade. I'll include your changes in the update.

ngattuso User

Nice script. I extended it a little to add error handling and messages for forced updates through the menu. I kept it generic so you could include it here for everyone. The src is at the bottom of my Facebook GM script. Good work

Jarett Script's Author

That's the entire Greasemonkey philosophy.

Or, at least, it's my philosophy that I apply to Greasemonkey scripts. :P

`Mods Scriptwright

Very good idea.
And very simple to use.

Jarett Script's Author

Oh, I didn't even know about that function. I have actually been looking for a way around the popup blocker, so I'll change it in the source.


BlindWanderer Scriptwright

I had problems with (popup blocker) so I'm using GM_openInTab instead.