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By Justin Ormont Last update Dec 11, 2010 — Installed 668,092 times.

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Jesse Andrews Admin

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Tristian Scriptwright

This script was great on the OLD facebook...

On the new facebook, it looks like shit (being blunt).

Needs some work, but has awesome potential

Greg Moore User

Are you going to update this for the new layout. I really like it.

carvingwaves User

wayy cool, i love the subtle-yet-amazing changes

Ryuji5864 User

Script is having issues with making a theme for facebook friend pages. The script will use the same colors on a lot of the pages, instead of making a new one.

dob Scriptwright

This is really amazing, I wish I knew how to do that.

I can't really read through hundreds of lines of code, but all I'd like to know is how you read the colors from the photo?



Ok You all know you like this right well how much would you like this if your friends could see this effect as well on your profile??? Come on now???

Let's Make This A Facebook - Myspace Application!!!


whos with me?

1408 User

Great Work Justin!!
The idea of having the colours mathed w/the persons profile pic is Fantastic.. U Rule!! i Fav!!

Salvador User

common people u knoe u want this for myspace too

Trevor K. User

I really like this script, but what other extension was used in the pictures to make that logo and the sidebar look different?

Mercifull User I created a Facebook group for this. Join it if you use this script :D

Justin Ormont Script's Author

Salvador, yes it would be possible to make for myspace, but I feel myspace already has plenty of color. This script was made for facebook long before they added the option for applications and it therefore lacked any real customization. If there is support for adding myspace support, I'll think about adding it in. If anyone is interested in a myspace version, send me a facebook message or leave a comment here.

Salvador User

can u make this script for myspace accounts too

Justin Ormont Script's Author

I'm certain that the name suggestions are untouched. Feel free to message me with any other problems.

Trevor K. User

My only problem is that the suggestions in the search box on the left is removed when viewing a profile.

kaylaross User

I really wish you could make it so that others could see your profile page those colours. Not in the myspace way though. I just wish we could change the basic colours.

xanderificus User

Love the premise - only difficulty I'm having with it is when it sets the text colour to something like baby-blue and you need to type into a text box. Baby-blue on white is pretty hard to read what you're typing! :)

I get around it, in the meantime, by selecting the text and reading it inversed.

Sean Watson Scriptwright

Maybe I'm just retarded, but I don't see that this script is working for me.

Justin Ormont Script's Author

Fri, April 13th:
There's a problem with the color palette web service that's keeping the colors from being calculated. (likely just overloaded)

It'll be up soon, or I'll swap to the entirely javascript solution.

The purely javascript version has one less server call, but stalls the browser for a half second or so while the colors are calculated.

Send me a message if you wish:

Justin Ormont Script's Author

iGeng: I've never seen that error before...and neither has google :)

Send me a facebook message and I'll help you from there.

iGeng User

I tried to reinstall this script but I keep getting an error about an NS_Error_Already_Exist.

Anyway to fix it?

christower50 User

how do you install these scripts

degraeve User

Great job using my color palette web service. This is just the kind of thing I hoped people would build with it.


Mike 8 User

What does this do to the links on your facebook? some are bolded while others are faded. What purpose does this feature have?

djm User

If you like facebook looking like myspace, get this, it makes the pages look disgusting.