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Jesse Andrews Admin

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David Booth Scriptwright

This script does not seem to work, and it appears that nobody is maintaining it, so I created an updated version (incorporating David Reese's fix) and have posted it here:

David Reese User

With today's version (says updated Oct 26 05), it works:
= With this as "included pages" in the options: *nytimes.com*

and with this line replacing line 9 of the js:
var xpath = "//a[(contains(@href,'.html')) and (not(contains(@href,'index.html')))]";

(the second part, contains index.html, is cosmetic -- links to the sections (national, int'l, etc) aren't touched.

I'll send a note to the owner.

Alan Berger 2 User

I reinstalled it today (10/12/05) and get the same result. Too bad, the idea is a good one but it needs to work reliably to be useful.

Trying to open the link in a new tab still just brings up the page with article but I still have to click on the printer friendly format to get it to reload in printer format.

Alan Berger 1 User

I am trying to get this to work, but even changing the included files to *NYtimes* and it still just brings up the standard page with the link to the printer friendly page.

Joel Haas User

tried it several ways this morning andit still does not work. I added www.nytimes.com/* and it didn't work.

howardm User

I added *nytimes* to the included pages, but it doesn't work for me.

? any ideas

Webzilla User

I stand corrected, it works. I did add *nytimes* to included pages.

Webzilla User

Doesn't seem to work, also doesn't specify a URL. Please fix!